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  • In search of our dreams, in search of silverware,

  • welcome to Liverpool Football Club's 2018-19 season.

  • That's Alexander-Arnold, Milner just creates a little bit of space

  • and delivers beautifully!

  • Here's Keita, look at the space wide left.

  • And Robertson, and Salah's there!

  • Opening day, opening goal, he's back at it is Mohamed Salah for Liverpool.

  • It is Alexander-Arnold!

  • It's a really good stop by Fabianski.

  • There's the ball for Salah.

  • His cross won't find a red shirt - that might though.

  • Milner's arriving, across goal...

  • 2-0.

  • Right on half-time Sadio Mane

  • turns home James Milner's pass.

  • And Liverpool get their deserved second.

  • Gomez.

  • Milner. Firmino.

  • Liverpool are rolling again.

  • Firmino, Mane!

  • It's 3-0 to Liverpool.

  • Behind the line, please, gentlemen.

  • Liverpool are looking for a fourth.

  • Fabianski's made one excellent save so far.

  • Jack Wilshere's taken one right in the midriff.

  • Daniel Sturridge will get the last few minutes here.

  • Milner's take. And it all comes all the way through,

  • and Daniel Sturridge has only scored with his first touch!

  • Liverpool's top scorer in pre-season is a scorer on the opening day.

  • And Daniel is dancing

  • in a Liverpool shirt once again.

  • Liverpool's first win of the new Premier League season

  • and it has come at something of a cruise.

  • Liverpool 4-0 West Ham.

In search of our dreams, in search of silverware,


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A2 初級

ハイライト。リバプール 4-0 ウェストハム・ユナイテッド|ダブルでのマネ (Highlights: Liverpool 4-0 West Ham United | Mane at the double)

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