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-Our next guest is a talented actress you know best
from her role as Tahani on NBC's "The Good Place,"
which airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.
Let's take a look.
-Do you remember all the rules about
what can and cannot be worn inside an MRI?
More specifically, what if one's brassiere
is very thin, but also very pure gold?
-I don't know, but I'm in a similar situash,
because the spots bra I'm wearing is
kind of rust-colored underneath the armpits.
So I guess we'll roll the dice together.
-Please welcome to the show Jameela Jamil, everyone.
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪
Welcome to the show. -This is wild.
I have loved late-night TV for so long.
I can't believe I'm on an American talk show.
-Well, this is -- I am sorry this is your first.
-Oh, no. This is great. -I am huge fan of the show.
Tahani is a wonderful character, who we've grown to,
I feel, have more affection for.
She was a little insufferable in the beginning.
Is that fair --? -A little?
-Okay, yeah, she was wildly insufferable.
-She's disgusting. I hated her.
I hated her for ages.
Yeah, it was hard to play her because I hated her so much.
But once I realized how disgustingly awful and evil
her parents were, I started to develop something new
I'm learning about called empathy.
-Oh, wow. Do you not have that in England?
-No. No. No. -Okay, gotcha.
-No, we just have beer. -Oh that's it.
-Yeah. So, that was a great part
of my starting to fall in love with Tahani.
And now I fully love her, and it's so fun to play her
and explore her, because I don't look down on her anymore.
-She's a wonderful character.
The creator of the show, a dear fiend of mine, Mike Schur --
You know, when he started this show, he established that,
you know, basically, what happens to us after this life
is based on a point system.
-And is it true that you're trying to
live by this point system now?
-Yes. No fooling. -What's an example.
-I don't fart anymore. -Really?
-I believe that every time you fart, you lose a point.
-You think you lose a point? -I hold it in. Hold it in.
-Surely, though, but, like, if you were home alone,
would that cost you a point?
-Yes. He's always watching.
-Oh, wow. -Okay?
Every single one. That's one point down.
-That seems like a high price to pay.
-Well, it's worth it in the end. -It is worth it in the end.
You started an Instagram account called "I Weigh."
This is very positive. -Mm-hmm.
-What brought you to it?
And explain exactly what "I Weigh" is.
-What brought me to it is that
I'm now really trying to get into the good place.
-Okay. And just not farting.
-Nothing to do with ethics.
I'm just trying to get to heaven.
But it's a life-positive movement
in which women and men value themselves,
for the first time ever, based on their achievements
and who they are, especially with women,
because we don't tend to value women like this --
by their achievements, their relationships,
and all the things that are great about them,
rather than just the number on a scale,
which is how we still sort of identify women's worth.
And, so, I weighed my amazing relationship,
my appearance on "Seth Meyers,"
the fact that I stopped farting.
I've beaten it. I've overcome it.
[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you very much.
-All things that are deserving of being weighed.
-My job on "The Good Place."
-And has the response been what you expected?
-The response has been so amazing.
No, I thought I would drag it down to the ground.
And, so, I have not managed -- Oh, wait.
Do you mean "The Good Place" or --
-No, I meant the "I Weigh" Instagram.
-Never mind. I'll take that again.
Okay. "I Weigh" has been way more than I've expected.
Like, I didn't even expect anyone --
I posted a post weighing myself,
my sort of things that I measure myself in,
and then thousands of women started sending me theirs.
And now we have an Instagram account,
and it's got 170,000 followers just by itself.
It's really this organic, lovely movement
full of happy people, and there's no trolling.
And it makes me feel really happy.
And I feel like I'm getting closer to the good place.
-I think you are, too.
I think we can all agree on that.
Maybe -- Well, I'll let you tell the story,
and then we can let everybody judge if this has helped you
get you closer to the good place.
When you auditioned for the show, you had to curl your hair.
Yes? Is that -- And how did that go?
-Didn't go very well, Seth. -Okay. Yeah.
-So, I've never curled my hair before, 'cause --
and this this isn't going to make me sound great --
other people have always done it for me.
[ Laughter ]
But, because of that, I'm not familiar with the utensils.
So, I lived with a model at the time,
and she definitely has all that sort of stuff.
So I went into her room.
I found the box that said "hair tong" on it.
I opened it. The box was pink. The hair tong was pink.
I thought, "This is great."
I take it out and I'm like, "Oh, it's wireless.
God, technology's really come a long way."
And it's got these ridges.
And so that must be where the hair goes.
-Sure, sure.
-So I start wrapping my hair around it
and I'm like, "Oh."
I feel around and "Oh, there's a button up there."
So I press the button, and it just starts going...
[ Imitates vibrating ]
[ Laughter ]
I realized soon enough
that I'm curling my hair with a penis.
-Yeah. You sent us a photo.
And when you hear that story -- I'm glad you sent the photo,
because I will say, I have your back on this,
because it is fully --
-Come on!
-I mean, that is...
At the very least -- at the very least,
I want to give it up to your ex-roommate
for putting it in the safest place possible.
-She's going to murder me for telling you the story,
so can you hide me?
-Yeah, of course. Yeah, yeah.
That's a -- Well, look, it's a wonderful piece of equipment.
-But then I almost missed the audition
because I had to rewash my hair because of all the penis on it.
And, so, it almost actually broke the show for me,
but because I was made late,
I think I was so out of my mind with nerves.
I went all the way through to the other side
that I was able to weirdly power through the audition.
And then I got it. -I think that's great.
-So curl your hair with a dildo. -Yeah.
Well, there's something to be said for --
When you audition for things -- I mean, looking back to
when I auditioned, it's such a vulnerable moment,
like, when you go in a room and -- And, yet, no matter how bad
it could have possibly gone,
it wasn't going to be worse than when you realized --
-That I was curling my hair with a penis?
-Yeah, exactly. I'm glad it worked out.
-Thank you.
-And It was lovely having you here
and so great to meet you.
Thanks so much. -Thank you so much.


Jameela Jamil Accidentally Used a Vibrator as a Hair Curler

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