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yes yes yes I know it's important to say yes to accept offers and to agree with
people but we don't have to use the word yes because there are so many other
options hello everyone my name is Anna and if you're here to learn English and
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right let's learn some English so there are many ways to say yes and some of the
informal versions that you'll hear are yeah and yeah and uh-huh like I said
these are informal Anna do you like watching films yeah Anna did you eat
breakfast this morning yep I really think mom and dad will
enjoy watching Game of Thrones what do you think uh-huh so how do we respond to
a request for example may I take this seat well if the request starts with may
I or can I then you could reply with you
may or you can so if you say to me Anna may I take this seat I could say you may
or if you say Anna can I borrow your pen I might say you can other common ways of
responding are of course sure no problem
by all means see learning a new skill takes time and practice something I know
a lot about here's me after two and a half years of practicing my gymnastic
skills and learning a language is no different so kudos for you for putting
in the time to watching this video but is watching YouTube videos enough to
effectively learn a language good question probably not which is why I'm
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right human teachers not animal teachers I mean have you ever taken a language
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online so you can take them wherever and whenever I took you have a huge database
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So after this lesson why not check it out. So how could we respond to an
inquiry using will for example will you be joining us for dinner or will your
dad accept my request well you can respond with the following absolutely
certainly or sure this can be expanded to I sure will depending on the question
of course will you be joining me for dinner I sure will
will your Father accept my request he sure will when accepting an offer like
would you like a coffee or do you want to come to the cinema then you could
simply say definitely or that would be wonderful
of course you can change this word to fantastic great good you could say I'd
love to or I love that or I'd love one depending on the question of course so
if you say would you like a coffee I'd say I'd love one
or would you like to join me at the cinema I love to join you at the cinema
or if you say would you like me to help you I could say I'd love that you could
simply say all right notice that I'm giving a little nod and
smiling at the same time all right that would be lovely thank you or you could
say okie dokie okie dokie is another slightly informal way of accepting an
offer okie dokie let's do that when you are in agreement with a statement like
the view is beautiful isn't it now you might simply say agreed totally
I'm with you sure is of course sure is will change depending on the statement
so if I'm talking about a person she is fantastic isn't she she sure is
it was wonderful wasn't it it sure was they were delicious weren't they sure
were so there you go a handful of common ways to say yes to show you're in
agreement and to give confirmation if you know any other ways of saying yes
which I haven't covered then please do put it in the comment section below
along with an example question and response if you found this video helpful
then please give it a big thumb up otherwise go and put the kettle on and
let's have a brew


「Yes」の代わりに使える「はい」の言い方 (Improve Your Vocabulary - Stop Saying "Yes")

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