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Hey guys, it's Carly.
Welcome to my Sweet Digs Renovation.
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Did you do it?
Oh, brace yourselves.
We've got a lot of changes coming in this place.
Let's go.
I'm Carly and I am a production assistant at Refinery29.
I live in Brooklyn with four other people
and this living room
that we have is not a living room.
For the money that we're paying for this place
we should have a place to eat, we should have
a place to hang out with our friends.
I mean, if people come over, forget about it.
So today I'm taking on the challenge of renovating
this space at three different price points-
$75, $125 and $400.
I've never really done like a big renovation
before, but this needs help.
It's time.
Something in this apartment that has bothered
me since the day I moved in is the ugly brown
I have not sat on it.
Don't even get me started on the pillows,
I hate them more than anything.
It looks like pillows from my grandma's house
in the 90s.
It's disgusting.
It's got to go.
So I found these pillow covers on Amazon,
2 for $10.
They're nice country linen, I could still nap on it,
they don't feel too rough.
They're also just a neutral color.
It'll go with anything that we do with this space.
So as you can see, we are standing on empty
wood floor.
So, I really wanted to bring in a rug that would add
some color, add an aesthetic.
So that is phase one of the renovation and
already you can tell with just these two
items, it looks completely different.
The pillows distract from the disgusting couch
color that I still cannot
stand and the rug itself just makes it a
cozier space.
I can actually see my roommates and I just
chilling on the floor, hanging on the
couch, actually getting to know each other
and not isolated in our rooms.
Alright, so phase two of the renovation,
I have $125 and I really wanted to focus on
creating more seating.
There are so many of us, we have a lot of friends,
at the same time we also have a lot
of crap and we need places to store it.
I wanted to do kind of a two-in-one situation
where we have more seating and more storage.
This bench is from Wal-Mart for about 70 bucks.
It's beautiful, I love it so much.
It was definitely worth the price;
it was not worth the pain that we went through
trying to build this thing last night.
And can I just point out, if you're going to ask me to
build something, know that it will not be perfect.
Overall, it turned out beautiful.
I love it so much.
It might be my favorite piece in the apartment.
So when I first moved into this apartment
I loved it so much.
For five bedrooms, it's massive.
I love a lot of things about this apartment.
Something I don't love, no shade, this.
This is just not my aesthetic and now that we have
these plants and this beautiful storage
bench and the rug, we've got to get rid of it.
So I found a mirror on Amazon for about $43.
I have my hammer, I have some nails,
I have some weird plastic things that I've
never seen before but we're just going to go for it.
I was also really nervous that it wouldn't be
the right shade of gold.
But when it came in, I was pleasantly surprised.
It was exactly what I wanted for this space.
I think it's just going to open everything up,
reflect some light.
It's just going to look so good.
We did it.
We got through and now we have a cute
little mirror.
I'm so excited!
So I had a little money left over in my budget
and I wanted to add some texture to this couch.
So I got this fur throw.
It looked hella expensive, but it was $15
and it just makes the couch look so much
more sophisticated.
So I saw this idea on Pinterest of using books
as a decor piece.
I found some books from work,
I stripped them of their covers,
brought them home and created
this cute little ombre effect.
Alright, so we are on to the final round of renovations.
$400, we have so much money to work with.
I found some like pattern contact paper on
Amazon about 30 bucks each.
I'm so stoked to get this peel and stick on there
because the accent wall is just going
to give it character, going to make it look more cohesive.
I actually could cry.
It looks good!
This looks like a luxury apartment.
I am shook right now.
This is not the same apartment that I have
been living in for a year.
Alright, so now that I have conquered
the living room wall, you could basically say
I'm a wallpaper queen.
I thought, let's spice it up a bit with some chalkboard paper.
So that when people come over,
it's like this cute little interactive corner
we can draw play games.
So, we have completely transformed this room.
It looks so different and I'm loving it,
but I'm still not happy with this brown couch.
So, I found this couch cover on Amazon for
about 34 bucks.
I love the color and it is so soft.
I do not want to get food on any of it.
So I'm building a little table for us
to have a place to eat.
Right, so surprise, we also have two bar stools.
So now we have one, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, the floor, so many places to sit
and chill.
We can have all our friends here, it's great.
I also got this plant from a
local shop just down the street.
It has pink in it, who doesn't want a pink plant?
Oh, it's so cute.
I am so in love with my space.
I have four roommates, but I don't really know them
that well because we've never really
had a space to hang out and get to know each other.
This literally doesn't look anything like our living room.
This is so crazy.
It's so beautiful.
Now we have so much seating,
we actually all will probably want to hang out
in here every night.
I'm so excited, this is just a dream come true.
Thank you so much for watching my sweet digs renovation.
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I Transformed My Living Room For $75, $125, & $400 | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

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