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Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin!
Today, we are gonna look at people practice
in their riskiest ways.
We don't really suggest you do this cause...
Probably very dangerous.
This is the non-insured Ling Ling workout.
- Yeah. - It could cause a lot of damages.
We need one of those like...
The actions in this video may result in serious injury
to you or your instrument.
Please do not do this at home.
We are not responsible for any of
these damages caused.
That's so risky...
What is this called? It's like slacklining.
You just walk on the line.
- Like you hold your hands high. - Yeah?
- Is that what it's called? - Yeah, I've done it before.
Imagine him playing the violin not tightrope walking.
It will feel so grounded and balanced.
It is a...
Violin practice teaching method I heard of.
Some teachers recommend...
Standing on one foot.
The idea is to...
Separate your center of balance
from your playing so that you're grounded.
But that guy's taking it to the next level.
Imagine your teacher's like, "next week, do this for me."
Don't do it guys, disclaimer's there.
Ow, I just hit my eye.
Dude's got the vibrato in there.
- Oh! - Oh!
Oh my god.
He had to hold it like -
Dude, that is some buff core.
- Dude, I can't do that without a violin. - Yeah.
Duh-dun - It's like -
That's the next Ling Ling workout.
And then with the one arm...
I know, his like...
Violin was on his neck.
- He didn't have - Yeah. - He still had the violin there.
Far out.
That's respect.
- Even without a violin, I don't think I can do it. - Too scary. Yeah.
I might injure someone.
I think I'd just be like...
How hard is it to play a violin while driving?
Oh no. Are you serious?
- Let's not do that, guys. - So, wait, wait, wait.
Dude, your bow's way too tight.
Someone should take this
person's license away from him.
To be fair, they're probably like nowhere, but still.
- No, look. There's a road right there. - Yeah, that's true.
Intersection, right there.
Not in the car, please. Thank you very much
Is he playing summer?
I mean, okay. At first, I was like,
Why would you do this?
But then, my second thought was...
If I was there...
I don't know if I'd be calm enough to be able to like...
- Yeah. - I'd be like...
- Ahh!!! - Oh, dude, how do you hold on to -
Must be slowing down now though
cause the beginning is like
- a dive. It's already - Yeah. - Oh the parachute is already there. That's true.
This is basically if Lindsey Stirling could ice skate.
Yeah. Yeah. I know, I was like -
I mean, pretty cool.
It's cool.
I wouldn't do that, but...
With every one of these, I'm so scared...
If they fall...
What happens to the violin.
Not to mention, as a violinist, I'm so paranoid about like
- just... - Fingers. Yeah.
The ice skates.
- Yeah. - I'm always thinking like, if I go ice skating...
I'm gonna fall...
- Someone comes up... - Someone's gonna...
Goodbye fingers.
No, no, no.
Is it Butterfly Lovers?
- Dude, so close to the violin. - I can't believe it.
- So close. - I know.
- His foot. - He was gonna shatter the violin.
Like grind it. Pffff.
Yeah, this is butterflies.
Dude, look at how the violin's moving.
Oh! Oh!
Don't tell me he is going to play a full concerto.
Dude, that's epic.
Is he actually gonna play it?
He's not bad.
In tune. He's got vibrato.
Can I just say, compared to the one before...
- He's actually got vibrato and shifting. - This guy's better. Yeah.
- The technique is a lot better. - Yeah.
- Yeah. - It's actually quite impressive.
Dude, Paganini Caprice No.1?
- That's not Paganini. - That's -
That's spring.
Maybe it will change.
Dude, and that car is just there.
Like, what?
Dude, that would be so hard to do.
Paganini Caprice No. 1 is hard enough as it is.
Yeah, like now you need to...
Cycling with no hands.
Do you know how hard that caprice is without a...
Freaking bike?
- And also - And balancing on that ricochet. - That guy's doing it on a bike.
Out of all these...
Ones we've watched today, I think...
He's had the hardest violin playing.
- Yes. I think so as well. - While doing something crazy.
Dude, what if the horse just decided like...
Yeah... That's definitely the funniest one.
I think it's funny how...
Duh-duh-duh. Duh-duh-duh.
At some point, because of the horse...
- She went duh—duh-duh, duh—duh-duh. - She - Yeah.
It's the movement.
Have you ever gone on a horse before?
Once, but it wasn't like...
- Ah. Just walking. - Trotting. It was just walking.
I want a horse now.
He played on the mountains as well.
Normally, I would say like I'm not...
I don't support playing the violin so close to sea water.
- Yeah. - It's not good for the violin.
If it gets wet or the humidity and the salt...
- But I will say, that was pretty epic. - That was impressive.
I think the epicness kind of like...
- Yeah, I'll give him a pass. - Yeah.
- Took over the - Yeah. - He gets a TwoSet Pass.
- TwoSet pass. You're passed. - We'll give him a pass. Yeah.
Is that a violin bow?
Oh, it's a bow.
Looks like a cello bow.
It's shorter.
Oh... This type of stuff gives me anxiety, man.
How many glasses would he have broken?
Dude, is that a ball?
- Holy moly! - No way!
Oh my god!
Dude, he can barely reach!
He can't reach.
Dude, he has to breathe through his nose.
Dude, he can't - He can't even reach!
Oh my god.
How does he move so fast?
- He's gonna play... - Oh no...
No... Like that? Are you kidding me?
- Ooo!!! That's so intense. - Dude, this is too intense.
- Dude, they're doing so many slow motions. - I know.
He probably did it on purpose, if he is that good.
I think our last one just topped it.
Dangerous practice methods.
Don't do it at home, guys.
And practice every day.
Oh, yeah, check out the merch.
Dude, they're all pretty sacrilegious. What do you think?
Yeah, how sacrilegious out of ten, for all them.
See you guys next time.



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