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  • We've got a vehicle, Sarge!

  • Come, come on...

  • "Yellow bird on the windowsill..."

  • "Yellow bird on the windowsill..."

  • Hey, man. You're from Virginia?

  • Ms Bartle? Is Brandon in home?

  • He's out.

  • I'm just following him up on the few things

  • from Brandon's last post...

  • Has your son even mentioned a name "Daniel Murphy"?

  • Listen, whatever you said, Mister, we don't want any.

  • -I'm not a recruiter or anything like that, Ms Bartle. -You had him already.

  • You don't get to take him again, you understand?

  • Thanks for looking out for him.

  • -You bet. We look out for each other. -Promise we don't take care more of them.

  • Yes, of course.

  • Come on, let's move! Move!

  • Are you guys promise to do what I say?

  • -Yeah, sure I think, sir. -Don't give me that. There's no sure thing in this town.

  • You do what I say, I'll take care of you.

  • CID, what is that?

  • I'm on investigation division.

  • They're gonna kill somebody, so we're gonna kill some of them.

  • We've got some doing, Sarge.

  • -Come on! -Pull off!

  • I haven't been over there.

  • I'm not accusing Army of anything,

  • I just wanna know more of my son.

  • -He's down there! -One o'clock, wait, wait...wait!

  • You guys are my guys, right?

  • Yes, sir.

  • I don't want to just be a partner.

  • Murph!

  • Murph!

  • Your own is sick of your secret.

  • Maureen?

  • No, I can't take it!

  • Who are you?

  • Mom, it's done.

  • What do you think it'll help by keeping quiet?

  • It's time, son.

  • I saw the grass, there's people being no more.

  • You're offered a bit something, what happened?

  • I'd like to hear that from you first.

  • You said you want to hear it from me first?

  • Here I am.

We've got a vehicle, Sarge!


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