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Killing a buffalo is a risky business.
But these wolves have hunted buffalo for hundreds if not thousands of years.
They know what they need to do.
The wolves have to attack from behind so they must get the herd to run.
The buffalo know that if they stand and face the wolves, they have the advantage.
Sometimes these standoffs can last for days.
If the buffalo strategy was foolproof there wouldn't be any wolves.
But eventually the buffalo lose their nerve and decide to run for it.
I can see how the wolves are testing the buffalo, looking for a young animal or one that is struggling.
During the winter the buffalo will have to break trail running through the deep snow.
They tire more quickly than the wolves.
Scattering through the bush forces the wolves to split up and reduces their effectiveness.
But the big alpha male is not distracted.
He's got a lock on his prey.
It's a yearling calf.
The big male is such a huge wolf.
He's able to bring this 600-pound animal to a stop all by himself.
But the herd scattering through the bush has led one of the younger wolves into his own solo battle.
He tries to grab the buffalo by the front.
And pays the price for this mistake.
[Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo, Wednesday, 8/7 c on PBS.]



バッファローを狩るオオカミ達 | 寒冷地の戦士達: オオカミとバッファロー | NATURE | PBS (Wolves Hunting Buffalo | Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo | NATURE | PBS)

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