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Hi, I'm Ryan Stevenson, head chef for the Callebaut Chocolate Academy here in Belgium.
I've got exciting news for you.
Here, this is a brand-new chocolate Callebaut Ruby RB1.
After dark, milk, and white chocolate, ruby is the fourth chocolate with a remarkable color and taste.
We owe its color and taste to the discovery of the ruby cocoa bean - this is a true gift from nature.
It's not linked to origin or terroir, the unique flavors come from precursors that, when process well, yield a unique fruity taste and color of this ruby chocolate.
Ruby RB1 is Callebaut's first ruby chocolate for artisans and chefs.
Now the taste, it's really intense fruitiness with fresh sour notes, and I think it's got a color that's going to pop out in your counter and in every dish, and with its fluidity of three drops you can literally do a whole range of applications with this chocolate.
I recommend to use it as pure as possible.
So think tablets, enrobed, molded, and even panning products.
But there's even more: Ruby pairs extremely well with both classical and unexpected ingredients.
For instance, classical ingredients: Almonds, strawberries, raspberries...
But then even more: rosé champagne, beers, caviar, goat cheese... a whole range is possible.
Ruby RB1 is a chocolate that satisfies an unmet need.
It appeals to a younger generation.
They're looking for a hedonistic experience.
So it's a great chocolate to create a whole new audience that can bring young consumers and foodies to your shop.
In short, Callebaut Ruby RB1 is like a spark igniting a whole new dose of creativity.
Please check out www dot callebaut dot com for inspiration and videos on all its possibilities.
Enjoy ruby RB1.



ホワイトデーにも!女子の間で人気のルビーチョコレートで作ろう! (How to work with ruby RB1 - the different applications)

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