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The coronavirus is not just making people sick,
it's also making people stupid.
And the misinformation going around online
is even more viral than the disease.
With coronavirus spreading rapidly around China
and parts of the world, social media companies
are now faced with another problem:
Fake alerts suggesting that Chinese Red Bull,
fortune cookies or mi goreng noodles
could give you coronavirus-- all of those fake.
One false claim said that drinking bleach
could cure the virus.
...eating garlic, rinsing your nose with saline
or putting on sesame oil help prevent the virus.
Really? Some people think eating garlic and sesame oil
will prevent the disease?
If that was true, no Chinese person would have it, okay?
-(laughter) -That's not a treatment for us.
That's breakfast.
It's like if a pandemic broke out in Rome, and they were like,
(Italian accent): "Don't-a worry,
"you can't get the disease as long as you eat-a
-plenty of ravioli." -(laughter)
And obviously, drinking bleach isn't gonna cure the virus.
It's just gonna get the stains out, you idiots.
And the coronavirus isn't just creating misinformation.
It's also creating a lot of stupid-ass racism.
The coronavirus outbreak has led to complaints
about a rise in anti-Chinese sentiment around the world.
In France, for example, a regional newspaper
has had to apologize for this headline
that used the phrase, "yellow alert,"
while scenes like this one you're about to see here
are widespread of people appearing to cover their face
just because they're sitting next to someone who's Asian.
CNBC is reporting that Lyft and Uber drivers
are refusing to pick up passengers
with Asian-sounding last names out of fear of the coronavirus,
saying it isn't safe to pick up those riders.
Okay, wait. So Uber drivers aren't picking up passengers
with Asian-sounding names
because they're afraid of the coronavirus?
Yo, if anyone's taking a health risk in an Uber,
-it's me, okay? -(laughter)
Getting in the backseat of your Nissan Sentra?
Yo, this one time I was in an Uber pool
with the monkey that started Ebola.
-(laughter) -That was crazy!
I mean, he lived all the way on the other side of town.
Also, it must be tough for racist drivers
who discriminate based on Asian-sounding last names,
'cause they'll be like, "Robert E. Lee?
Nah, I can't risk it. Mm-mm."
-(laughter) -The point is, we got stop thinking of this
as an Asian virus, okay?
Yes, it started in Asia, but any human can spread it.
So if you're gonna be a dick about it,
you got to avoid all people, okay?
That's why I spent the weekend at a Tom Steyer rally.
-(laughter) -He didn't...
even he didn't show up.
But what's really stupid is people who seem to care less
about the health crisis
and more about when they're gonna get their stuff.
NEWSWOMAN: Tesla tanking? It was announced
that its Model 3 shipments for February would be delayed
due to its Shanghai factory being shut down
and the coronavirus fears.
75% of hockey sticks used in the NHL
are made in China.
Those factories have stopped production
to slow the spread of the virus.
The coronavirus could slow shipments of the iPhone.
Many of the phones, along with Apple's iPad,
are shipped from China's Wuhan area.
Consumers could see a delay of one to two weeks
in getting their phones if the virus isn't contained soon.
(sighs): Oh, no. You're gonna have to wait ten extra days
to get your iPhone.
I'm sorry all these people dying is making it harder for you
to take night shots of your dog.
And so what if your Tesla's delayed?
Just take a Uber this week, okay?
Unless you're Asian, in which case you're shit out of luck.
Okay? I mean, have fun going alone to the airport,
-Ebola monkey. -(laughter)
Wow, Ronny, I'm not gonna lie, this seems to be a real problem.
Yeah, I know. Why is the Ebola monkey even flying?
Like, where is he going? He's not wearing a mask.
It's like he doesn't give a (bleep).
No, no, no, no, I...
I mean, you don't seem to be worried
about the disease itself.
Is there any reason people should be concerned?
Oh. Oh, yeah, yeah. Of-of course.
I mean, it's a serious illness, and it's a serious problem.
But in the United States, there's only 13 confirmed cases.
Okay? The greater danger here is the stupid racism.
There's no reason to be weird around Asian people.
Right, I guess yeah, because statistically,
-they probably don't have the virus. -Exactly.
Don't stereotype Asian people.
Also, there's a good chance they're a doctor,
so they can help you out if you are worried, okay?


Everything Is Stupid - Coronavirus Misinformation & Racism | The Daily Show

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