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From 30 chargers to 1. Europe's first common mobile phone charger was unveiled in Brussels
on Tuesday. The charger promises to help consumer and the environment.
SOUNDBITE (in English) Bridget Cosgrave, Director-General of DigitalEurope:
"The new mobile phone common charger is a major step forward in technical terms for
our industry and means that consumers will be able to use their common chargers with
various mobile phones and other devices compatible with micro USB specification."
Europe has 500 million cell phones, and old chargers generate more than 51,000 tons of
electric waste each year. A common charger will be reusable, even when switching brands.
SOUNDBITE (in French) Antonio Tajani: EC Vice-President in charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship
"The advantages of the new charger are not just that it means a simplification of our
daily life; it is also very good for the environment. And I'm very pleased to note that our initiative
is generating enormous interest in other parts of the world."
The European Commission pushed companies for a single charger for years and in 2009 issued
an ultimatum: voluntarily adopt a common charger or face new legislation. Fourteen major manufacturers
jumped on board. They represent more than 90 percent of the phone market in Europe and
include Apple, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson.
SOUNDBITE (in English) Bridget Cosgrave, Director-General of DigitalEurope:
"In terms of adoption in other geographies, we are hopeful that it will be followed as
it makes sense for the consumers, it's attractive, and it makes sense also for the producer."
The common mobile phone chargers should begin appearing in Europe later this year.
With reporting by Jennifer Baker in Brussels, this is Martyn Williams, IDG News Service.


A common phone charger may request by Europe

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