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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 188. The verb phrase today is

  • "bring down. " Okay. We have seven uses and seven meanings of the verb phrase

  • bring down. All right. Let's look the first one. We give two examples for the first one. To be

  • the person or thing that leads to or causes one's failure or defeat. Yeah. So

  • we could use this as an example. The opposing political party is trying every

  • method they can think of to bring down the administration. Because the

  • administration is the one that's in power. They're trying to get in power, so

  • they're trying to do things to bring it down. They're not really trying to work

  • together and solve problems. They're just trying to bring down that administration,

  • so they can get power up again. All right. So we can say somebody's trying to bring

  • someone down in that sense. All right. And we have a second example here/ Another

  • serious financial crisis could bring down the economy and stock market. So it

  • could cause it to fail and cause it to go down. Okay. Let's look at the second

  • one we have here. To be the cause of a structure or object to collapse . Then you

  • know, something could bring it down. The first example. The World Trade

  • Center was believed to be brought down by terrorists on 9/11. So it was believed

  • that they caused it to fall down. All right number two. That strong earthquake

  • brought down this famous monument. Okay. So maybe it cracked it and it fell over

  • it collapsed. Yes. All right. Let's look at number three here. To literally take or

  • carry. You know, something down from a higher level to a lower level. Okay. So we

  • have an example here. If you go upstairs... if you're going up there can you bring

  • down my glasses on the end table. You know, the end table. Those are the small

  • tables usually next to a bed. So maybe you left your glasses there and you're

  • asking someone in your family going up oh oh your since you're going up can you

  • bring down my glasses. Can you take them from upstairs to downstairs to a lower

  • level. Okay. Number four here. To make a person sad

  • or put someone in a worse mood . Basically, bring down their emotions. So here's the

  • example to that one. That movie was so depressing it really brought me down. It

  • put you in a sad mood. Made you feel down. Sometimes we say a movie is a downer

  • like that. It brings your mood down. All right , number five. To decrease the

  • costs or expense of something. Sure. Because the economy was so bad they had

  • to bring down prices to stimulate sales. Yeah. Maybe a lot of people didn't have

  • that much money or they weren't spending money, so they had a lower prices even

  • more just to encourage people to buy something. All right. Number six here. Okay.

  • To bring a person to a place to visit. Okay.

  • You should bring your family down to Florida and take them to Disneyland.

  • Yeah, especially if you're traveling south because we always say that you'd

  • go down south. So you should tell someone to bring someone down to somewhere. So we

  • might even use it more if you're traveling in you know, the southern

  • direction. If you're traveling south. Okay. Number seven here. I guess this is the

  • last one to stop or reduce someone's drug experience. Okay. The police caught

  • the suspect but he was out of control because he was high on drugs. Since they

  • didn't know you know, which type of drug, they didn't know how to bring him down.

  • Well , they might if they could bring him to a hospital. Sometimes if they know the

  • drug maybe they have a... like an antidote or something. Some other drug might be

  • able to help bring them down. So make their drug experience end sooner or

  • reduce the effect of it. Maybe something they could do to bring them down. Because

  • he's too high right now. I guess if they can't do anything just

  • let it wear off and eventually it will wear off and it will come down on its

  • own. But you know, if they try to force it they're trying to bring him down.

  • Okay. Good. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I hope it was informative . Thank you

  • for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 188. The verb phrase today is


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英語講師Nick P動詞句 (188) Bring Down - 7つの意味 (English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (188) Bring Down - 7 Meanings)

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