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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 188. The verb phrase today is
"bring down. " Okay. We have seven uses and seven meanings of the verb phrase
bring down. All right. Let's look the first one. We give two examples for the first one. To be
the person or thing that leads to or causes one's failure or defeat. Yeah. So
we could use this as an example. The opposing political party is trying every
method they can think of to bring down the administration. Because the
administration is the one that's in power. They're trying to get in power, so
they're trying to do things to bring it down. They're not really trying to work
together and solve problems. They're just trying to bring down that administration,
so they can get power up again. All right. So we can say somebody's trying to bring
someone down in that sense. All right. And we have a second example here/ Another
serious financial crisis could bring down the economy and stock market. So it
could cause it to fail and cause it to go down. Okay. Let's look at the second
one we have here. To be the cause of a structure or object to collapse . Then you
know, something could bring it down. The first example. The World Trade
Center was believed to be brought down by terrorists on 9/11. So it was believed
that they caused it to fall down. All right number two. That strong earthquake
brought down this famous monument. Okay. So maybe it cracked it and it fell over
it collapsed. Yes. All right. Let's look at number three here. To literally take or
carry. You know, something down from a higher level to a lower level. Okay. So we
have an example here. If you go upstairs... if you're going up there can you bring
down my glasses on the end table. You know, the end table. Those are the small
tables usually next to a bed. So maybe you left your glasses there and you're
asking someone in your family going up oh oh your since you're going up can you
bring down my glasses. Can you take them from upstairs to downstairs to a lower
level. Okay. Number four here. To make a person sad
or put someone in a worse mood . Basically, bring down their emotions. So here's the
example to that one. That movie was so depressing it really brought me down. It
put you in a sad mood. Made you feel down. Sometimes we say a movie is a downer
like that. It brings your mood down. All right , number five. To decrease the
costs or expense of something. Sure. Because the economy was so bad they had
to bring down prices to stimulate sales. Yeah. Maybe a lot of people didn't have
that much money or they weren't spending money, so they had a lower prices even
more just to encourage people to buy something. All right. Number six here. Okay.
To bring a person to a place to visit. Okay.
You should bring your family down to Florida and take them to Disneyland.
Yeah, especially if you're traveling south because we always say that you'd
go down south. So you should tell someone to bring someone down to somewhere. So we
might even use it more if you're traveling in you know, the southern
direction. If you're traveling south. Okay. Number seven here. I guess this is the
last one to stop or reduce someone's drug experience. Okay. The police caught
the suspect but he was out of control because he was high on drugs. Since they
didn't know you know, which type of drug, they didn't know how to bring him down.
Well , they might if they could bring him to a hospital. Sometimes if they know the
drug maybe they have a... like an antidote or something. Some other drug might be
able to help bring them down. So make their drug experience end sooner or
reduce the effect of it. Maybe something they could do to bring them down. Because
he's too high right now. I guess if they can't do anything just
let it wear off and eventually it will wear off and it will come down on its
own. But you know, if they try to force it they're trying to bring him down.
Okay. Good. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I hope it was informative . Thank you
for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (188) Bring Down - 7 Meanings

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