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  • Prince Harry caught on camera

  • touting his wife's voice acting

  • skills to Disney crease Bob

  • iger.

  • It happened at the lion king

  • premiere in London.

  • Meghan was steps away talking to

  • Beyonce and Jay-Z while the

  • prince made his pitch.

  • >> To hear a member of the royal

  • family saying, oh, my wife would

  • like a job, I think it's very

  • unexpected and quite shocking.

  • That suggests that Meghan and

  • Harry have kind of been working

  • on opportunities for quite some

  • time now, which given that this

  • whole thing was supposed to be a

  • big surprise announcement, I

  • think has been quite shocking to

  • a lot of members of the public.

  • >> Charlie Langston from

  • says Harry's pitch

  • is unusual but it seems to have

  • worked.

  • Meghan reportedly signed a deal

  • with Disney, and in exchange for

  • her time, Disney will make a

  • donation to the conservation

  • charity elephants without

  • borders.

  • Late this afternoon Harry was

  • spotted leaving the queen's

  • country home.

  • He spent several hours inside

  • the palace with the queen,

  • prince Charles, and prince

  • William.

  • Meghan reportedly called in from

  • Canada.

  • She's said to have flown to

  • Vancouver on a budget airline

  • after last week's bombshell

  • announcement paying just $175

  • for her seat.

  • >> Also this suggests that Harry

  • and Meghan in the long term want

  • to move away from royal life

  • almost entirely.

  • >> And rumors have been flying

  • around all weekend.

  • One report claims Elton John

  • knew about Meghan and Harry's

  • plans before the queen, but

  • Elton denies it.

  • Another rumor, Meghan was afraid

  • pal Victoria Beckham was leaking

  • stories to the press.

  • Prince Harry is said to have

  • gone to David Beckham to squash

  • it.

  • And Gayle king put to rest the

  • rumor she landed their first

  • interview.

  • >> I've had no conversations

  • with Meghan and Harry or anybody

  • on their team about an

  • interview.

  • >> I'd love to see her on

  • America's got talent, the

  • champions.

  • >> Don't forget Howie Mandel

  • used to host deal or no deal

  • when Meghan was a briefcase

  • model.

  • >> You should have seen her do

  • this.

Prince Harry caught on camera


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ハリー王子はディズニーのGigのためにボブ・アイガーにミーガン・マークルをピッチしていた "かなり衝撃的だった "と専門家は述べています。 (Prince Harry Pitching Meghan Markle To Bob Iger For Disney Gig Was 'Quite Shocking,' Expert Says)

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