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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 187. The verb phrase today is "go out. " All right.
We actually have 12 meanings and 12 uses for this verb phrase today. So it's a
very common one and since we have 12 only give one example of each use. Okay. So
let's look at the first one. To go out of style or fashion. All right. So here's the
example. That style went out years ago. If you wear it, you will look old-fashioned.
So we say something you go out of style. Something could go out of fashion.
All right. Number two. A very simple one that you might know. To leave one's home.
Okay. So here we say ... let's go out and do something. You know, go out of the house.
Go somewhere. It is boring just sitting around the house. So let's go out. Leave
the house. Leave the home. Leave the property. All right. Number three here.
To go on a date. Sally is going out with Tom tonight for a romantic dinner.
So a lot of times, we say they going out. It means they're going on a date,
especially a romantic date. Okay. Good. Number 4 here. To move away from the
coast or shore. Okay. When renting a jet ski, they don't want you to go out more than
300 feet. So you know, normally if you like on a beach and you rented it,
probably they don't want you to go more than 300 feet out from the beach. They
don't want you to go too far out there. Because it might get dangerous or you know if you're
going too far, if you run into trouble they may not be able to get to you. So
they don't want you to go out too far. Maybe, maybe the waves get rougher out
that way too. All right. Number 5 here. To stop working.
That serious typhoon caused our lights to go out.
So if lights go out or a machine goes out ... it took hours for them to come on. So
they just suddenly stopped working. Basically. We say that they went out.
Okay. Number 6 here. It means to be distributed. Something is distributed to a number of
people. The government said the refund checks will not go out until May.
They won't start mailing them out. They won't distribute them out to all the
people that finished their tax returns already. So the tax refunds will not go
out until May. Okay number seven here. To stop working but this isn't about a
machine. This is like in regard to a strike. So here we say if the demands of
the union are not met , the workers will go out on Monday. So starting Monday, they
will go on strike. They will go out on Monday. That's when the strike will begin.
That's when they will go out. Okay. Good. Number eight. To faint. You know, this is a
common way we can say to faint. I started to feel weak from that illness and
suddenly I went out. Meaning you just probably fell down and you fainted. Okay.
Number nine here. If you want to find a boyfriend you have to go out and make
yourself available. Yes. By just staying home you will not meet anyone or you
will never meet anyone. So you got to go out and do it. You have to put more
effort into it. You have to try harder. So sometimes we say go
out in that sense too. All right. Number 10 here. To try out for something. Okay.
So her son is going to try out for the baseball team or maybe every year a lot
of people try out for the singing contest of American Idol. They, they do an
audition. They are trying out for it and with this one we usually use a "for " too. You try out
for something. You try out for the team. You try out for the contest. Okay number
eleven here. To be extinguished or stop burning. Okay.
So usually we'll say like a fire or flame or something like that will go
out. The log was burning for two hours before it went out. So the log was on
fire. It was burning for two hours and then it went out. It went out on its own.
So stopped burning on its own. It went out.
Good. And the last one here. Number 12. To be in a steady relationship. You know , this
one's really, really common. That couple has been going out for two years. So this
is not just a single romantic date. This means they're dating steady. They've been
going out. They've been in a regular relationship ... dating partners for a long time. They've
been going out for a number of years. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope
was informative. I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (187) Go Out - 12 Meanings

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