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Timing is everything.
That's right. It is time for another...
Can you smell it guys?
Mmm... What a nice simmer.
That's right, we're not a roasting channel.
- We're a simmering channel. - Yeah.
We feel like we've covered
quite a lot already, you guys get the gist.
But then...
We came across this Chinese TV show.
This one was just something else again.
Take the caps. Ready to go.
By the way, this drama is called 'My Last Visa',
or '最后的签证'.
- Based off a true story apparently. - Yes...
The plot is about
the heroic deeds of a Chinese diplomat who
issued out visas for thousands of Jews during WW2.
I'm totally not reading off a synopsis website right now.
Obviously, it's depicting something
quite important and historical.
We're just here to talk about the violin playing.
- Alright, so... - Ling Ling insurance!
Did you see what I saw?
Great violin soloist with 4 fine tuners!
Here we go again.
When was the last time you saw a world class soloist...
Even a University student soloist
play with a violin with 4 fine tuners?
- It doesn't happen. - Oh my head.
Just no.
Let me just get this through my head.
No. Usually a soloist doesn't use 2 hands,
they can do it with 1 hand.
That's saying something though.
Yeah, but hey.
Maybe the actress didn't want to drop the violin,
- so I can respect that. - And I get the suspicion they had real musicians.
Yeah, the ones in the background.
You know why? Cause the dude
he has a towel over his chin rest.
He looks very comfortable with it.
Dude, mate, just get a seat.
No one does this:
Usually they don't let people in. There's a shut-off time.
Maybe times were different back in WW2 era.
But Sarasate Zigeunerweisen is the piece they're playing
for those of you who don't know.
Very famous violin piece.
Let's see how she plays it!
Holy moly.
We're gonna be here for a very long time.
It clearly started on the G string.
Yeah, not just that, look:
- Basics! - It's crooked.
Her hand is too flat, it's just on the A string.
She kind of started on the 3rd position,
but then she went down,
when it should be going up, the pitch.
Oh no, why did you go down?
- She shifted down! - Just keep the left hand there. Look!
1, 2, 3!
Why are we expecting more? We should know by now.
Sorry, I mean, I get it that she's not a musician,
- but that's still painfully funny to watch. - It's like...
Why are they doing a zoomed in shot?
If they're gonna zoom in like that
- they might as well get a double. - Get a professional.
You don't draw attention to like, an obviously fake thing.
- You know? - Yeah, and then drawing attention to that run.
It's the hardest run too, right?
She's doing like 1 2 1 2 2 3,
but like she's staying in position.
By the time we stop just then,
- It's already up here. - Yeah.
But she's still stuck down here.
- Second and a half position. - Just get a double guys.
- It makes it so much more enjoyable. - Yeah.
- Or just don't zoom in to it. - Yeah, just...
Or just don't.
Oh, wow!
If you could actually do that, you're better than
every other violinist out there. To make that sound...
The sound?
- Wow, man. - It's like a...
Whole bow, but what she used was like...
Just a little part of the bow.
- 1 inch. - What you heard was like a huge bow.
What you see, it was like...
We won't even say anything,
you can just spot the difference.
Dude, why is she just - What is this?
Hey Brett, let's play your Tchaikovsky.
I wonder how they got
so many people to just sit there and watch.
That's a lot of actor wages to pay.
And then they couldn't get a double.
- Dude, she bowed for the pizz! - The pizzicato!
That's pizzicato, guys.
But she used a...
Her bow's just sliding all over the place.
Usual stuff that we talk about
but it doesn't get less sacrilegious, you know?
The bow change is out of time.
She's on the fingerboard.
She should be on the 1st position.
And G string, she's on the A string on 3rd position.
Her bow is so tense.
We're a simmering channel.
She really likes that kind of 3rd, 4th position
- on the G string, right? - G string.
The bow's going back and forth,
and she likes this movement.
I don't think she's done a single like...
Long bow.
I feel sorry for the musicians.
I feel sorry for every single person
hired there to endure her.
We're a simmering chan -
- Actually, was the recording kinda weird too? - Yeah.
- It doesn't sound like a solo concerto piece. - What they're doing.
- And - - You can't even hear the solo violin.
Yeah, there's no solo violin sound
- and the firsts sound kind of all over the place. - Yeah.
Dude, the applause started happening
- before they started applauding! - Clapping. Yeah.
Look, listen.
And no one's clapping.
This sounds like someone bootlegged a recording.
So they went into like, their local orchestra concert
- and just recorded the audio. - Recorded the -
In that concert, they started clapping before the end
Don't do please.
And they just put it in there.
Damn, where's that bridge?
Where's the budget?
You can afford all those actors in the audience.
Different violin as well.
Dude, what happened to your other violin?
Did she drop it?
Didn't the actress herself realize,
- "something seems different about today's violin". - I know...
It's like where's your...
The attention to detail.
We can't even demonstrate this to you,
cause I cannot take my bridge off.
Put your pinky on the bow.
Yeah, I know. Basics, guys.
And look at the gap between her left hand finger
and the thing.
There's a massive gap here.
Should be like that...
Just get a doppel!
Her pinky's all the way up there!
If your pinky is all the way up here,
look at all the time that's required to hit the string.
That is inefficient AF.
You want to keep your fingers ready to go.
On, off, on, off.
That does not happen, that does not happen.
- That never happens! - Okay...
We're not directors, but...
Dude, most -
9 out of 10 musicians, if they didn't know someone was
about to approach them, and you did that to them...
They would literally jump.
You don't know how much focus and like,
care is required to play.
It's like, woah.
I love how there's always like,
this whole idea of violin and romance.
- Yeah. - Putting that together, guys.
I get it, but oh my god.
Just, eh!
Did the violin change again?
No, it's the same one, just different color.
Why is there no bridge?
At least that was right.
That was a right sound depicted from the tin,
that was the actual sound.
I'm just trying to picture.
In which world would this
scenario ever unfold as it just did?
When you don't have a bridge.
Oh wow. Okay, not only is there no bridge,
but now it's slathered in -
Is that rosin or is that the light?
It's just dirty, there's like white powder everywhere.
Gloves on...
Oh dude...
- She's got gloves! - Why would you...
Why would you, why would you...
The thickness of your fingers change with the glove.
The feeling is all off and the spacing is all wrong.
Just listen to this.
You can't vibrate with the glove.
She'll just slide.
I know.
The only closest gloves you can get,
if the glove has holes so you fingers can stick out.
I remember there's a clip of the violinist Vengerov
playing out in the cold, but he had gloves,
- but the fingertips are still there! - Yup.
I've just never seen such a bad portrayal.
- That's not even the violinist at this point. - Stop. Just stop.
- Dude, she stopped playing! - Dude, she stopped playing!
Dude, there's over a billion people in China
and we know, a lot of people, they can play.
Really, really well.
Ask someone to be on set or find someone that had like
- grade 2 violin training. - I'm pretty sure...
Everyone... Oh my god...
Yeah, it's missing a bridge, mate.
- Well... - Yeah, well...
Maybe if you didn't wear gloves, you had a bridge...
Maybe if you could actually play.
Alright, I know we're being nitpicky,
but as a musician, when we watch things like this...
These are the thoughts that come into our head.
We can't take it seriously.
If it was a little bit off
but at least it was like kind of close,
then we can respect the effort.
But this is just clearly like...
They didn't even try.
They didn't even get a proper violin. Like, come on.
That's like I'm gonna make a feature-length movie about
Roger Federer, the great tennis player,
and then you show up with a tennis racket
with no strings on it.
- It's like an empty racket. - Yeah, and then -
And then the ball goes through.
- Yeah. - Just cut the shot.
She's got the gloves again.
Yeah, don't play it!
What happened to her first violin?
Budget costs!
"Oh, we heard we can remove the bridge
and people won't know it's there. It saves a few dollars!"
The mysterious return of the bridge?
Oh, it's gone again.
Why? I actually don't understand.
You know why? It's a magic trick.
They're magicians, look at them.
I actually do not understand why this is even an issue.
Is it a different violin?
It looks like the same.
It looks like the same violin.
- Oh dude, I'm so confused. - The rosin is gone.
Nothing is there anymore.
I mean I guess the violin kind of deserved it.
- Yeah, that wasn't even the violin. - That wasn't even the violin.
But wow, okay.
Dude, the sound that it made
- when it dropped... - It wasn't real right?
- Buh duh pfff. - That does not sound like a violin drop.
That - It doesn't go *imitating sound*
It sounds like the sound design team just went like...
Bro, the violin is a hollow chamber.
You hear a twang as well, bang~
Can you hear the strings?
FYI, some luthiers do this knocking
just to check if there's any cracks.
Oh my God.
We don't really need to explain more but holy crap.
Dude, she's got a bridge at least.
Should be in the lower half of the bow,
playing that type of bow stroke.
Double stops on the E and A strings, not on the D string.
Bow is crooked.
I give up.
She's staying in one spot like, she's going...
The music is in like, hardcore octaves.
And her hand wasn't even in octaves,
it was just staying in the same position.
I don't even know what to say.
Oh no...
Alright guys, I think-
You know, I love - I really love this scene because...
As you can see the shadow back there,
it's kind of representative of a protractor
with all the angles.
And it's ironic because she went past
the 180 degree level and went down here.
Your bow does not go...
That's the angle.
Unless you bend your back like that.
- It's just not good for your spine. - That's not a good posture.
Oh, that vibrato...
- Alright, I think I'm over this. - Yeah, I'm done.
- Guys, oh my god... - I'm done.
We hope you learned something here.
Please like and subscribe if you like this video.
Appreciate the roast. We'll see you guys next time!


By FAR the WORST Violin Acting (Extremely Sacrilegious)

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