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nowadays multiple countries compete all around the world and more aspects than
just the export and import of goods and services the world has never been so
accessible and thanks to this millions of people all around the world have
obtained the opportunity to visit other nations the two biggest super powers in
the world today the United States and China compete in practically all areas
this includes economics military technology diplomacy and also an
education China's economic transformation from being an exporting
country to an economic superpower has also made strides in the education of
its population back in the 80s China only had a literacy rate of about
79% now their literacy rate is at an astonishing 99 percent the Chinese
educational revolution has been one of the largest educational projects in
history since 1998 China has invested massively in education nearly tripling
the share of GDP devoted to it in the previous decade the number of
universities in China has doubled and the number of students has increased
fivefold this revolution has caused the great change in the distribution of the
world population of university graduates for decades the US had the highest
proportion of people attending university they had been dominating the
graduate market reflecting this old supremacy among people aged 55 to 64
years old almost 1/3 of all graduates in the world's major economies are American
but that is rapidly changing among the younger generations in terms of Graduate
production China has outperformed the u.s. and the combined university systems
of the European Union nations today we will see the extent of Chinese education
in the world and we will also address the question whether the United States
could eventually give up its position as the main educational power in the world
today the student debt problem in the u.s. is so great that has reached a
whopping trillion dollars that equates to the entire GDP of Argentina Colombia
Ecuador and Peru combined most universities in the u.s. can easily cost
around 25 to 30 thousand US dollars per year and private universities can cost
much more so for most Americans in order to pursue their careers it's almost an
obligation to take loans or use their family fortune in order to afford their
education even for many American students it has been impossible to
attend university but curiously there have been many foreign students who are
willing in fact the majority of foreign students who study in the u.s. pay much
more than the average American student a foreign student could easily pay about
45 or 60 thousand dollars for just one year of education not even including the
living costs who could pay such high sums of money without the possibility of
working as the US doesn't allow it the answer is that the majority of foreign
students in the u.s. do not come from traditionally rich nations such as the
UK France or Japan the u.s. in fact has the largest population of foreign
students in the world exceeding more than a million the vast majority of
foreign students in the US comes from China which currently has 360,000
students followed by India with nearly 200,000 students these two countries
make up over half of foreign students in the United States with China taking up
more than 32% of the cake China has already become one of the largest
exporters of students in the world in France the Chinese are already the third
largest group of foreign students just after the Algerians and Moroccans the
same situation is reflected in many other European countries where China
already contributes the largest group of foreign students and this trend is not a
coincidence the enrichment of the Chinese population has motivated
families to send their children abroad especially recognized educational powers
such as the u.s. France Germany England and Australia it is not surprising that
the Chinese elite send their children to these countries and to their most elite
universities for example the only daughter of the Chinese President Xi
Jinping that at Harvard while Chinese students
represent 36 percent of foreign students in the US they only represent 1.2 4
percent of all students in the country an article this year declared that
foreign students contribute to more than 22 billion dollars to the economy of the
US universities with financial difficulties are actively recruiting
students from abroad and the number of first-year students in the US has almost
tripled since the recession of 2008 the increase in income seems to be a key
factor in hiring Chinese students which sometimes causes universities to choose
the financial benefits over academic integrity other countries such as France
have already taken steps to obtain some economic benefit from the vast amount of
Chinese students higher education in France is in fact free for both the
French and foreigners at least it was up until last year's education reform this
reform required new foreign students from outside the European Union to pay
between 3000 and 4000 euros per year this measure is practically designed to
do two things the first is to increase the income of French universities with
an increasing number of Chinese students with greater purchasing power but also
to reduce the number of students coming from the African continent that
currently represents 45 percent of foreign students in the country the
massive influx of Chinese students has filled public and private universities
in the US and this has motivated Ivy League American universities to open up
several campuses in mainland China China has also done the same but not with its
universities but with its Confucius Institutes all around the world
expanding and making known the Chinese language and culture this educational
and cultural exchange has been typically seen as a good thing during the last
decade however in recent years due to the rising tensions between DC and
Beijing between the two countries tech giants Apple and Huawei the expansion of
Chinese technology has taken its toll on the relations and sentiments of Chinese
students in the u.s. DC suspects that the Chinese government is using its
sponsorship of the Confucius Institutes to promote pro Chinese propaganda on US
campuses it would also be believed that there is spying being done on Chinese
students in the US with limiting effects on academic
freedom in the US Australia and other countries concerns have been raised
about whether Chinese students and researchers some of who apparently hide
close ties with the Chinese military and the Communist Party are using their
access to laboratories and research centers steal intellectual property or
patents in June of last year the u.s. shortened the duration of five-year
visas to one year for Chinese graduate students studying aviation robotics and
advanced manufacturing officials in the United States said that the goal was to
reduce the risk of espionage and theft of intellectual property in areas vital
to national security but now the Trump administration is considering whether to
subject Chinese students to further investigation before attending a school
in the US the Chinese government has repeatedly insisted that DC has
exaggerated the problems for political reasons the ambassador of China in the
u.s. states that their accusations to her China were unfounded and indecent
one of the attacked objectives of the government of the US where the Confucius
Institutes Chinese linguistic and cultural centers financed by the Chinese
government in some 100 American campuses the US government has accused the
centers of being spying centers and propaganda weapons of the Chinese
government and they have been pressured to register as foreign agents a defense
spending bill was enacted last summer which banned universities with Confucius
Institutes to use federal funds for training and the Chinese language in the
last year more than half a dozen universities have announced that they
will close their Confucius Institutes one of the most recent have been the
University of Rhode Island which decided to close the Institute due to the lack
of federal funds in 2006 there were about 10,000 Chinese students that
graduated from American universities at the graduate level by 2016 there were
more than 140,000 Chinese undergraduate students in the US however by the start
of 2017 a negative trend began and the number of
Chinese students began to decline for the first time in more than two decades
the reason for this is very clear in obvious the attitude of the white house
and the anti Chinese rhetoric has caused many Chinese to return to their country
after theirs studies or in some cases they have even
interrupted their studies student environment for foreign nationals in the
US has degraded some universities in Oregon and Illinois has seen a
significant decrease in the enrollment of Chinese students this year the
wealthy Chinese families looked to the US as a place where an academic degree
guarantees a good working future either in the US or China however more and more
Chinese students are beginning to stay in the States after their studies China
is a country with 40 universities within the best 500 universities in the world
thus China has already exceeded France last year which has only about 35
universities within the top 100 China is a country with 40 universities within
the best 500 universities in the world thus China has already exceeded France
last year which only has about 35 universities within the top 500 the only
countries that are currently above China is the US the UK and Germany in fact it
could even be said that China would have an academic level higher than that of
the US this is verified last year by the PISA report which are a result of
academic tests based on the students mathematical reading and analysis skills
the latest visa report was made in 2015 and the new report will be revealed by
the end of this year but for the moment using the last reports we can see that
China is in 10th place in terms of the maximum score above countries such as
Germany the Netherlands or even Australia the territory of Hong Kong is
not yet fully incorporated into China and it is the country with the second
highest score in the reports only surpassed by Singapore neither the u.s.
nor the UK nor France or even Sweden obtained a score higher than 500 which
would place them within the yellow range of countries that can be observed
education has become something so primordial in China that for example the
entrance exam the entire university is so difficult the adolescents prepare
almost their entire life for the exam especially from the age of 13 the exam
lasts two full days for more than 12 consecutive hours this is the exam that
will define the University and faculty in which students will go to and in the
end marked their future 2014 75% of Chinese students passed but
only 3% went to the best universities in the country and this exam is so serious
that if you are caught cheating you'll be sent to prison for seven years in
2014 it was estimated that 90% of adolescent suicide had to do with the
anxiety generated by this test known to be the most difficult in the world for
the most brilliant in the country China gives the opportunity to go abroad and
study either in a graduate or doctorate program especially in the Natural
Sciences one of the conditions however is that they are required to return to
the country and apply wha has been learned in order to avoid brain drain
spi the intelligence unit for The Economist's Nix that channel will have
the largest amount of graduates in areas of science technology engineering and
mathematics by 2030 surpassing the United States the first time ever
meanwhile and it continues to send more students abroad than any other country
in the world according to UNESCO there are as many as 1 million Chinese
students studying outside of the country Speight recent claims that recent
graduates are having trouble reintegrating act into the country after
their studies number is still continued to grow every year for many in China
having Western education and professional experience a good addition
to their CV avoid unemployment or what is clear that China is taking more and
more prominence on the u.s. in the area of education it has already surpassed
the u.s. in terms of academic performance as the PISA report shows has
also overtaken France as the fourth country in the world the best
universities and soon it is expected that they will overtake Germany as well
the rivalry between the two greatest superpowers in the world and not only in
politics economics but also in education as well and in the coming years
we'll see how far trynna can overtake the u.s. in this aspect and if they will
overtake the US and other aspects as well and their attempts to be the
superpower of the world so what do you think about the educational system that
china is implementing do you think that the u.s. suspicions are correct that
china is using its graduates to spy on American technology leave your comments
below I hope you liked this video and don't forget to Like and subscribe for
more content like this every single week see you next time


Has China surpassed USA in education?

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