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We, the people. The global objectives for sustainable development
We can be.
we must be.
be the first generation to end extreme poverty
The generation
most determined
to fight injustice and inequality
The generation that saves the planet from climate change
And this is how we would get done.
The global goals
a 15-year plan
for everyone
no one is left behind
We will live in a world
where nobody
live in extreme poverty
where no one
goes hungry
where noone
wakes in the morning
asking if there will be food today
We will live in a world
where no child has to die
to diseases
we know how to cure
and well proper health care
is a lifelong right
for us all
We will live in a world
where everyone
goes to school
An education gives us the knowledge
and skills
for fulfilling life
We will live in a world where
all girls and all women have equal opportunities
to thrive
and be powerful
and safe
We cannot succeed
if half of the world is disadvantaged
We will live in a world
where all people can get clean water
and proper toilets
at home
at school
and at work
We will live in a world where
there is sustainable energy for everyone
and power for the whole planet
without destroying the planet
We will live in a world where the economy is prosper
and new wealth
leads to decent jobs
for everyone
And we will live in a world where
our industry
our infrastructure
and our best innovations
not just used to make money, but to make all our life better
We live in a world
our prejudice and extremes of inequality
are defeated
inside our countries
and between different countries
where people live
in cities and communities
are safe and progressive
and support everyone who lives there
where we replace
what we consume
planet would put back
what we did to the earth
living in a world that is
decisively rolling back
the threat of climate change
where we restore and protect the life in our oceans and seas
We restore and protect life
on land
the forest
the animals
the earth itself
with peace between
and inside countries
all governments are open
and aims to us for what they do at home and abroad
and the justice rules
with everyone equal before the law
where all countries
and we the people
work together
partnerships of all kinds
to make these global goals a reality
for everyone, everywhere
These are the United Nations' global goals
for sustainable development
for sustainable development
Let's take care of it
* Sound of a crowd *


持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)とは?17の目標をわかりやすく紹介 ('We The People' for The Global Goals)

125 タグ追加 保存
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