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(upbeat music)
- Being a chef for me,
it's the only thing I could imagine me doing in my life.
People ask me, what do you do when you're not cooking?
(upbeat music)
My name is Pam, I'm a chef in Bangkok
and I have a restaurant in my home called The Table.
I cater one table a night.
They can request whatever they want, no restrictions.
At first it started off with the people that I know,
my friends, my friends of friends,
the waiting list now is three months.
Jean Georges is a famous chef,
and he owns a 3-star Michelin restaurant in New York,
which I used to work at.
I decided to come back to Bangkok
and open my own restaurant,
and I didn't open a restaurant.
Instead I invite people to my own house.
(upbeat instrumental music)
Today, my guests requests cold crab pasta
and beef Wellington.
I will go shopping for ingredients.
I try to focus on local produce.
(speaking foreign language)
Bangkok is a very special place for a chef
because there is thousand and thousands of ingredients here.
And the flavor of each ingredient is really distinctive.
And then I will come back home,
and prepare it a day ahead.
I usually finish about 80% of the food,
so when the guests come, nothing is chaotic
in the kitchen anymore, everything is set.
(instrumental music)
I got two helpers in the kitchen,
and service people for front of the house.
Everything is clean and ready to serve.
(speaking foreign language) (upbeat instrumental music)
I'm glad that people see that I'm successful,
but I don't think that I'm successful to the top yet.
If you think you're successful, you stop learning.
Being a chef or being a cook,
you always have to learn new things.
I just love what I do, I think it comes out in the food.
If people come here and they go back
with smile and full stomach, I'm just happy.
Being a chef is not a job for me,
it's my passion.
(musical tones)


The Best Food in Bangkok is in This Chef's Home

518 タグ追加 保存
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