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Gentleman. M'Lady.
You will always remember this as the day that you almost caught
Captain Jack Sparrow!
Now, will you shoot him?
Open fire!
Aww yeah! Are you ready to learn English with one of the best adventure movies of all time?
In today's lesson, we'll follow Jack Sparrow and Will Turner
while try to steal a ship from the British Royal Navy.
This will be a great opportunity for you to learn some specific and nautical vocabulary in English,
that is, words about navigation and sailing.
As you probably already know, this is one of the great things about learning English
with different movies and series.
They give you all sorts of real-life situations that can be useful in gaining English fluency.
So, are you ready? Let's dive in!
And if you want to understand connected speech and native pronunciation
then our Fluent with Friends course is perfect for you.
In this 48-week course you will learn the principles of connected speech,
so that you can understand natives at any speed.
And every week, you get 20+ page PDF Power lessons,
vocabulary memorization software, access to our Fluency Circle global community,
and so much more.
And you can try it for FREE right now. All you have to do is sign up for
our 3-part Masterclass.
What are you waiting for? Just click up here or down in the description below
to learn more and sign up for that now!
Aww yeah! So every week, we have learners like you understand fast-speaking natives
without getting lost without, without missing the jokes,
and without subtitles! Just like Balaji who says that thanks to our videos,
he went from intermediate to advanced level and now he can understand natives in Canada,
where he's living now.
You can take your English to the next level too — all you have to do is hit that Subscribe button
and the bell down below so you don't miss any of our new lessons!
Hey! And if you're enjoying this lesson with Pirates of the Caribbean,
than I bet you'll really love our lesson that we did recently with Titanic!
You can find that by clicking up here.
I hope you had an awesome time learning English with Captain Jack Sparrow today!
Be sure to give us a like below to show us
if you like this lesson and if you want more
from Pirates of the Caribbean.
And also, remember to click over here
so you can check out some other lessons
that I know you're going to love.
And now, it's time to go beyond the classroom,
and LIVE your English!
Aww yeah!


Learn English with Pirates Of The Caribbean

48 タグ追加 保存
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