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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 186. The verb phrase today is come

  • across. Okay. We actually have six meanings and uses of come across today.

  • And again just like usual, you may know one or two of these but you'll be

  • surprised you probably don't know all six. So let's take a look at the note

  • here. Here's the first one to find or see someone by chance. Right this one of the

  • more common ones. You may know this one. But here's a couple of examples. I came

  • across a good sale and I just had to buy it. So this ... it was unexpected. You weren't

  • expecting to find this good sale and you found it by chance. Okay. Or the second

  • one here. I hadn't seen Bill for two years and just by chance I came across

  • him at the mall. So again, so in both cases you find ... you find someone or

  • something by chance. Okay. Number two. To literally cross something. You know, like

  • cross a bridge. Cross a road. All right. So this is a simple one. Come across the

  • street and meet me in front of the bank. So maybe you're on the phone with

  • somebody. Just telling them come across. You're giving them an order to come, to

  • come towards you. Come across the street, Okay number three here. To meet ones

  • demands or expectations. All right now. This one you may not know. Don't expect

  • the government to compromise. They will never come across to their wishes or

  • demands. You know, this might be two countries trying to work something out

  • and you're talking about it. You don't think that they're going to work it out.

  • You don't expect them to come across to meet somebody's demands or wishes. Okay.

  • Number four here. To be viewed by other people in a particular way. Okay.

  • I think he came across as angry. Yes. Sometimes she could tell about people's

  • body language. Even though maybe his words were not completely angry, but he

  • came across as being a little angry when he gave that speech. Okay. Then we have a

  • second example here. You should try to come across as charming,

  • if you want the voters to like you. So if you're a politician that's very

  • important to try to come across as being charming. Being very likeable. All right

  • number five here. To deliver as expected or do as promised. Don't expect him to

  • come across with what he owes you. Because maybe borrowed money . So you,

  • you expect him to repay it. He never repays anyone. So don't expect

  • him to live up to his word or to his promise. Okay. And number six here. To be

  • clear in one's message. In one's speaking. He is not a good speaker.

  • He just wasn't able to come across well. Okay. Nobody understood what he was trying to

  • say. So how you come across with this. How you express yourself. How you get your

  • message out. Okay anyway I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for your time.

  • Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 186. The verb phrase today is come


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英語の家庭教師ニックP動詞句 (186) Come Across - 6つの意味 (English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (186) Come Across - Six Meanings)

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