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  • Do you love Mario Kart?

  • Is it your dream to drive around in a big city

  • in a go-kart like this, dressed up as Mario?

  • Good news, Maricar in Tokyo has got you covered.

  • Let's drive!

  • Maricar is one of the coolest experiences in Tokyo.

  • Once you've dressed up as your favourite video game character

  • and gone through the safety briefing, you'll hit the streets

  • of Tokyo in a supercharged go-kart.

  • You can pick from various tracks of different lengths

  • that will show you different parts of Tokyo.

  • You'll speed past Roppongi, Tokyo Tower,

  • and the famous Shibuya crossing as locals wave

  • and grab selfies with you whenever

  • you have a chance to slow down.

  • - Konichiwa Shibuya!

  • - Look, there aren't any green shells or banana peels,

  • but if you're a big fan of Mario Kart this is the closest

  • you'll get to experiencing a real life version of the game

  • and what better place to do it

  • than in the biggest city in the world.

Do you love Mario Kart?


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リアルライフマリオカート。東京でやるべきベスト・シング! (Real Life Mario Kart. The Best Thing To Do in Tokyo!)

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