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So welcome, thank you
first of all to all of you for joining us here this evening the beautiful Royal Festival Hall
For our annual celebration of the finest television this country has to offer
Honestly so much great TV isn't there I tell you you've all been working harder than the plug in air freshener at the Ecuadorian Embassy
That's hard that is working there
If you have tuned in to see the final episode of line of duty
I'm afraid you miss that that was last week, but say all you need to know is
It's not a spoiler nobody knows what it means touching its straws we just
Knowledge, even though everyone loved it
The interviews are they're incredible a more forensically detailed interrogation of times date and mobile phone data
Hasn't been seen since that time Sean Walsh got home late from strictly practice
Yeah, yes snog one dancer
Now ladies and gentlemen
As we all know the country became bitterly divided this year after a controversial
Extension was granted to give more time people were angry
particularly as Raul then went on to win bagels every
Week after an error of judgment a baker gets kicked out this week it was Danny literally a showstopper
It felt like things really moved on this year, you know
We now have a female host of question time and all female lineup a Newsnight. It's fantastic
Don't integrate for a quality, but it saves the BBC a fortune
Don't clap of that test daily
Full disclosure by the way, a woman wrote that joke. I'm just reading these things aloud, okay
Vision has continued air to embrace the modern
LGBTQ world with programs such as butterfly queer I and soon to come drag race UK. Yeah, I know
Not to mention Danny Dyer's brave decision to live simultaneously as a middle-aged man at a young woman
Beautiful beautiful
One of my favorite TV modes of the year was when bears the Happy Mondays went on bargain hunt
If you're watching bears, seriously that did happen you did do it
Hey and what about killing Eve ladies and gentlemen
Jody comer and Sandra Oh Oh
Have you ever seen such an enthralling love/hate rivalry played out between two actresses on television?
Well keep watching because they can't both win tonight
Hey, let's mention the brass documentary there boys
It was
Must-see television. Now a lot of people have argued about which one emerged with the most dignity. Well, I tell him balance
It's probably the basest Craig took time to take part
Pili horse with a bodyguard she's here. Hello
Feel I should say hello now because of jade mercury has anything to do with it
You won't see the end of the show. Will you know or will she?
Now if you are going to do a speech tonight if you are a winner
Please be like David Budd in The Bodyguard and say as few words as possible
Yeah, when it comes to award shows I have a mantra it's the same one
I use before sex the sooner we start the sooner we finish
So, let's take a look at what fantastic year we've had in TV
Congratulations to the Patrick Melrose team
This gripping five-part drama is based on the acclaimed semi autobiographical novels by Edwardson
Tobin Benedict Cumberbatch plays the title role of troubled Melrose trying to overcome his addictions and demons
Benedict is also nominated for leading actor later tonight
Thank you
so we
Collectively want to thank the fantastic people at Sky and at Sky, Atlantic
particularly and Manson's I Bennett
our amazing
production team
We had a great adapter in
David Nicholls Edward burger is an amazing director and
I think all of us were brought to this project by the fantastic writing of Edwards and organ and
this is an adaptation of his five Patrick Melrose novels and
we hope you like the series but frankly the books are better and
They are available in all the good bookstores, thank you
Thank you
Now presenting PA MTA
Ac-12 and auc open ocg its line of duties mark thompson trail
And the BAFTA goes to English. Oh you repeat sorry Wow, did you
Did you did yeah
This is going really well, it's a king can't was mr. Ave and we haven't even flavors juicedlink the KitKat we've gotten away
I'm gonna get home for another two hours uncle Emilio and
Fiona Shaw
Work-obsessed mi
That's thrilling drama killing Eve her co-stars Jody coma and Sandra
Oh are closed nominated in the leading actress category later this evening
It's fair to say every good bead needs strong support and Jonah celebrates her first back the win from the first ever
Was heavy
And since I
began to play
Karen in killing Eve, which has been probably the greatest pleasure of my life people have begun to suspect that. I am a spy
And I just want to thank the director
Harry Brad bear for that because he said no. No, you can't pay this part with an Irish accent and
I just want to make a few things. Thanks to Sally
currently at
Sid gentle thanks to my
incomparable agent
Thank you to my beautiful cast who I work with all the time the gorgeous Kim and
Jody and Sandra and
Thanks to my astonishing wife's in our leader Aguila whose life inspires many more than me
But my final thanks is of course to Phoebe while a bridge
Whose glass shattering genius and
wayward imagination
You know produces things out of her mind from coke cans to rats
to Russia and all I can say is
Look, baby
Both hands extraordinary. Thank you very much
Changes drama Bandersnatch after Chaudhary and will alter
With so many great nominees. It's a shame only one of you can win. That's true
but as we learn on Bandersnatch, the others can always, you know restart and try again their
Alternate realities and all that. Yeah. Yeah wrong path my great reference, mate
thanks, mate and the bathtub and team performance goes to
Lemak for would I lie to you?
To win for his first nomination he
Jinan, would I lie to you alongside fellow nominee David Mitchell ever since the show's inception back in
2007 ride together music television he was
Right, I'll keep it brief because I know we just want to go for dinner now
Especially this year because there's no chocolate under the sea
Are you still on bbc1 or is it channel 5 now so
Thanks for this I don't want to sound ungrateful
But on the off chance that we do get to come back that shoe
Is there any chance we couldn't do it on the same day as the final Premier League game? That would be handy I'm Annika
I couldn't have watched it anyway, because I've got a virgin media and the receptions terrible
Because it's on in about an hour
We can nominate it
We get nominated as a show for the last five or six years
It's been really nice to be nominated and we lose every year as a show
We're all bitterly disappointed every year and earlier this evening. We lost again. I just hope this goes some way to
Rob and David that I've been singled out. I
Mean he's getting paid more but this is gonna kill him
Genuinely as Steve said about Reese to Smith before it is three of us and it goes to rob and David as well and all
The production team on Zepa tron, so thank you very much. Thank you
- pretends the bathtub or drama series, please
Welcome to shining megastars Riviera's Julia Stiles and magnifiers James Norton
It's impossible not to feel a sense of awe at the sheer quality of the nominated drama series
This country has produced over the past 12 months. I know because my country likes to steal all of them and
It's no exaggeration to suggest that many of you
Here this evening have played a huge part in assuring in what is now often described as a golden age of television dramas
so pat on the back and
the BAFTA goes to
Drama theories
Based on eugenics is code
novella series and developed television by the mastermind behind the hilarious feedback Phoebe Waller bridge
Co-star Sandra. Oh and Jody coma
Nominated believing acted later tonight. I'm sure everyone is if we can't wait to watch there is too
Oh my god
Thank you all so much thank you back to so much for this as you can see
This is an unbelievably charismatic and brilliant an energetic risk-taking team and it wouldn't have none of this would happen without with one
Single one of them. I can't speak so unbelievably exciting
It's a massive massive. Thank you. First and foremost said Luke Jennings who wrote the novellas that these are based off
So none of this would have ever appeared and these characters would never receive it wasn't
Mentis ali bhutto gentlemanly morris and everyone said gentle films stop making this happen and
bringing this incredible team together for Harry Bradbury for leading the charge and Colin rotten for producing the hell out of this show and
and then Jenny Robbins who just story lines more than anyone has ever story lying to anything before and
Yeah, and then our incredible incredible cast and just to say thanks to everyone in it for just taking massive risks the whole time
Jody coma almost swallowed a wasp in Tuscany it was
It was a really edgy moment. This ER that we did capture somewhere and maybe one day and thank you so much
Gary John Romita
the most amazing editor who has been another author in this whole process and
And I have to say I can now stand and say Thank You fili for being the most extraordinary
amazing writer
Thank you very much
The resent penultimate award fees, but to one of our greatest actors star peaky blinders and mother father son, it's Helen McCrory
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen Graham
It's always an honor to present this evening which is why I think and remember my right glasses
But I haven't ladies and gentlemen, so, excuse me
It is hard to imagine
Than the leading actor category this year Oh
With such towering ability
What self-respecting actress like myself could stand here and say they wouldn't want Lucien's pose?
chances youthful grace Benedict sheer power or Hughes phone number
But seriously, I'd like to congratulate them or I would I saw them all and they are four
BAFTA for Best British actor goes to
Benedict Cumberbatch
Domination was back in 2005 the BBC biopic at Stephen wolf
But for the hollow crown
20:17, but this is the first time he has taken the back to her
Gosh I think I gotta fall over I
Rarefied air, but I'm very used to being a bridesmaid. I'm
Not the bride
Thank You BAFTA for this and I
Breathe rarefied air because it's it's a gift what we got to do as storytellers. It's even more of a gift when it's
material is refined as this series penned by David and
directed by ed Berger
Produced by Rachel and Michael and my best friend Adam Ackland
with a crew to die for in a cast Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jessica, Anna and
Everybody Rudy I'm gonna forget their names now
But I'll keep it short because I think everyone probably does need to go to the bathroom right now
But we all stand on one man's shoulders an extraordinary human being
The greatest gift and reward of which is being able to say I'm his friend
The man who wrote the five novels that this was based on whose life
There is much of what Patrick Melrose endured in the series and in the books. That's Edwardson or burn
Thank you for your your wit your courage
an extraordinary thing to try and mirror and achieve and to bring home a story of salvation and
Great kindness, which is what you embody my friends. So this is for you. I
Do have to thank one other person who's very important in my world, which is my wife
Sophie and our family
Yeah, you're my rock you'll I had to go pretty weird for this one
There was some things I had to do and it was very nice to come home and feel
Stable again and my agent John grant for putting up for me when I'm very unstable. He'll have to give me a drink after these
Everyone who works with Conway fangirl that Elaine obviously I have to mention you Karen Hartley Thomas
You can come back into the country now if she left because she couldn't bear to see me not winning. It's alright
I've got one and I gonna bring it home. Thank you very much everybody. Good night
Our final nominees there and to announce the winner is our very own multi BAFTA winning
Oscar-nominated writer actor and funny man, please. Welcome the brilliant Steve Coogan
Good evening. Good evening when I was asked to thank you for responding Thank You, Kenton
When I was asked to present the Best
Leading Actress
Award I was delighted because of course women are quite fashionable at the moment
It's great just to be to be associated with them
But we I realized that this is the last award at the night. So and you won't be there very long time
so I'm just gonna
Keep this short of the originally planned
So as usually listening the otic you can just scroll down but just a bit more. Keep going. Keep going
Yeah, no. Yeah, keep going. Keep going going to go
Ok, suburb blah blah blah female empowerment blah blah blah now keep going
Stop there humbled and privileged and then
That's about it. Yeah, stop that stop right there and the BAFTA goes to
Jody Karma
Huge congratulations to the popular and multi-talented actress
Dr. Award Gordon Jamie pays the crew
Alongside Sandra category
Wow, thank you so much back there. Sorry. I'm the only one who's tenth on the waterworks
God thank you. Luke Jennings Thank You Phoebe Walla bridge
Phebe I feel so lucky not I need to say that I have worked with you but to call you a friend
You are the most
Talented person. I know thank you for being such an inspiration
and I would love to thank BBC America Charlotte Moore at BBC said Jen or
Salian Lee you guys are really are the best. Oh
And the entire cast and crew for coming back every year and giving it their all with the biggest smiles
On their faces. I want to take this moment to thank Stephen Graham and
Stephen if I didn't know you were pint before I definitely do now
Thank you for the generosity that you showed me all them years ago and for introducing me to Jane
Jane you've encouraged and supported me ever since and I cannot. Thank you enough
Biggest thank you mom
Dad my gorgeous put the Charlie for the support that you always show me
And last but not least a bit of a personal one
But I would love to dedicate this award to my Nana Francis who sadly passed away the first week of filming
So she never got to see Villa now
But she was the life and soul of everything and when she was here. She sees me. You got it off me, you know
None of France you were absolutely right all along


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