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And the stars in the sky spell S-E-X.
Oh yeah, I remember that from the "Lion King."
No, in my real life.
You guys still feel like going out?
(confirmation noises)
Oh, okay, good.
Okay, I know where a bar just opened up.
Oo, we should do a game night.
Oh my God, I love game night!
Oo, yes!
That would be so fun, I can pick up some sodas!
Of course.
What's wrong, Grant?
I think sometimes people in relationships forget what's fun for single people.
You don't like game night?
It's not that I don't like them, it's that I never meet anyone at them.
I'm sorry you're so, so sad, Grant.
I'm mean, I'm sure we can figure out something, right?
You know, when I'm sad, I like to go to the movies.
Hey, yeah we should see something.
They're so expensive.
What if we did Netflix at my place instead?
Oo, they have all the old Jeopardy!
That would be fun!
- And you understand though, that that's the same problem. - That's the same problem.
Oh, we're still at the house, okay.
It's just so fun.
It's, uh, I'm sure.
Gosh, it just must be that we're all so happy and satisfied and in love.
Gosh, it must be.
Yeah, I think that that's it.
We've like retired needing to go out all the time, you know.
Get dressed up and like peacock for attention or sing myself to have a good time, how pathetic I was back when I was single like "Please give me attention!"
Lowering my standards just to cover over my pain for a night.
"Will you call, will you call?"
Like who cares?
Cool, cool, cool, yeah.
I guess we can go to a bar.
Great, there's one downtown that I think we can all get into.
Oo, the one next door has puzzles!
Oh, that's so fun!
Even better idea.
We can go to my house because I just got a brand new puzzle and we can get into our pjs!
Yes, I'll bring soda!
We don't even need to go outside.
It's 7:30 p.m. on a Friday.
Almost bedtime.
Oh, yeah, if I don't get 10 hours I get cranky.
How about we at least start where there are other people?
What if the music's loud?
Or if it's, like, too crowded?
Or they won't let me wear my comfy clothes?
I should go home and change into my comfy clothes.
We should just go to Lily's.
- Oh, I did it again. - Did it again.
Look, it's hard enough to meet someone without my friends turning into retirees the minute they get into relationships.
Just go out with your single friends.
I mean, what would it say about you if all your friends were in relationships and you were the only single one left?
Oh dear.
Okay, we must have something in common, right?
Like how about, a farmers market!
We can go on a dawn hike.
Oo, or you'll love this!
A weekend getaway in a remote cabin with just cozy sweaters!
- Oh my God! - Oh, oh my God!
Oh my God, yes!
Look I get it, okay.
You all won.
You're finished with life, but I'm still out here alone in (beep).
I'd love to have a Netflix Friday or to go do a puzzle, but I can't because I have to go where there are other single people or I will die alone!
Now, I know the view from your ivory tower must be peachy but I have boots on the ground and I need backup!
Okay, we'll do a single-person's night.
Hell yeah.
What am I doing wrong?
Nothing, you're doing nothing wrong.
What am I doing wrong, I'm ugly!
I'm ugly!
No, you're not.
Hey, it's Grant.
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I, I need it.



When All Your Friends Are in Relationships

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Annie Huang 2020 年 2 月 6 日 に公開
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