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審査済み この字幕は審査済みです
  • Yello?


  • I just got off the train.


  • Hello? Who's that?

    - もしもし? どちら様ですか?

  • It's me. I'm at the station.

    - 僕だよ。駅についた。

  • Cool.

    - わかった。

  • Where are you?

    - どこにいんの?

  • Home. You?

    - 家だけど、あんたは?

  • We agreed to meet at the station.

    - 駅で会うはずだったよね。

  • Something came up.

    - ちょっと用事が入っちゃって。

  • I was gonna pick up the suit then catch the 12:40 train back to London Waterloo East.


  • Don't worry, you'll still make it.


  • Just come to my place.


  • Fine.


  • So, where is it?


  • Walk down the main road for a bit, then up that street that goes to the left-ish, it's where the buses always go.


  • Turn at the roundabout.


  • And you'll soon be at my place.


  • Which one is the main road?


  • I'm on the corner of Brickley Street and Leahurst Road, the southwest corner.


  • Yeah, down the main road.


  • It's the one with the kebab shops on it.


  • Okay, down Brickley Street.


  • Which direction?


  • Away from the station.


  • So, I come out of the station, through the main exit, and one of the ticket offices, so I come onto the main road.


  • Do I turn left or right?


  • Let me think.

    - 考えさせて。

  • Do I turn towards the kebab center or the city grill?


  • Yes, the one with the red sign.


  • So, walk for about five minutes, turn left-ish at the new house they built last year, the one with the big round thingies on it.


  • What?


  • And call me once you're past the roundabout.


  • Hello?

    - もしもし?

  • Yello?


  • Just tell me the post code.


  • I already missed the 12:40 train.


  • It's SE6 7PP.

    -SE6 7PP。

  • Thanks. I'll see you in... eight minutes.

    -ありがとう。 ...8分後に会おう。

  • Please walk to the Southwest corner of Brickley Street and Leahurst Road.


  • Now walk down the main road for a bit, then up that street that goes kind of left-ish.


  • It's where the buses always go.


  • Take a turn at the roundabout, and you'll soon be at your destination.




審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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