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  • Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) andGreen Businessare key topics

  • of discussion in Government and around the board tables of big business, but what do

  • they mean and are they relevant to small businesses?

  • Concern about the social and environmental impact of businesses is increasing. We're

  • all being urged to use less energy, to reuse and recycle, and to 'go green'.

  • We're urged to think about the well-being of our employees and to take care how we choose

  • our suppliers.

  • We're asked about how involved we are in our local community and what we're doing

  • to 'give something back'.

  • And at the same time we're trying to grow our business and make a profit.

  • It doesn't have to be daunting. Ultimately CSR is about running your business in a responsible,

  • professional and sustainable way. It's about developing and maintaining good relationships

  • with everyone you deal withemployees, customers, suppliers, investors, funders and

  • the community in which you operate.

  • The benefits are wide-ranging and it can have a very positive impact on your profile and

  • profitability.

  • CSR involves 4 key areas that describe the scope of a business's responsibilities.

  • These are Economic, Ethical, Legal and Discretionary.

  • All four areas apply to all businesses and some issues within each of the areas, such

  • as being a good employer, are important to all businesses, regardless of size or type

  • of business.

  • Other issues may be specific to certain types of business and only apply in those cases,

  • for example, particular legislation may only affect a certain sector.

  • CSR is about embedding key principles and practices into your businessand there's

  • no better time to do this than when you're starting the business.

  • Small businesses by their very nature are flexible, creative and innovative. Restricted

  • budgets and limited resources mean that they are always looking for new and different ways

  • to achieve more with less.

  • Positive CSR action is always likely to bring benefits and small businesses often see those

  • benefits and the impact of their actions in this area much faster than larger organisations.

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) andGreen Businessare key topics


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企業の社会的責任とは? (What is Corporate Social Responsibility?)

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