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In an increasingly complex world, when faced with many questions about the
meaning of our investments, the concept of socially responsible investment SRI
is particularly relevant. SRI is sustainable development applied to finance.
It is an investment approach, that consists of systematically mainstreaming
factors linked to environmental social and government's ESG criteria, alongside
financial criteria. When we are considering investing in a company, we
carry out a two-pronged analysis: We look at the financial criteria: profitability,
business models, sector and competitiveness - alongside the ESG
ESG: E = environmental: we analyze the environmental footprint of companies, for
example, initiatives in areas such as energy saving and the reduction of
pollutant emissions. S = Social: we examine working conditions relationships
with clients and suppliers and human resources management. G = Governance: we
investigate the governance structure to assess if it's transparent and
independent. How the corporate officers are appointed and renewed and
if there is respect for shareholders. As an asset management company,
Allianz Global Investors has been a pioneer in SRI. We have been integrating ESG
factors into our investment decision since 2000. We have a team of dedicated
experts who assist our clients in their investment decisions. We can also count
on the support of our parent company Allianz. We're convinced that the
integration of ESG factors is a key factor in sustainable performance and
helps to reduce the risks of an investment. Integrating ESG factors into
our investment approach helps us to identify risks upstream and better
assess them. Identify long-term investment
opportunities, create value for client portfolios. SRI gives meaning to
investing and this comprehensive approach helps to ensure the sustainable
performance of our investments


ESG って何? (What is ESG?)

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