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  • In an increasingly complex world, when faced with many questions about the

  • meaning of our investments, the concept of socially responsible investment SRI

  • is particularly relevant. SRI is sustainable development applied to finance.

  • It is an investment approach, that consists of systematically mainstreaming

  • factors linked to environmental social and government's ESG criteria, alongside

  • financial criteria. When we are considering investing in a company, we

  • carry out a two-pronged analysis: We look at the financial criteria: profitability,

  • business models, sector and competitiveness - alongside the ESG

  • criteria

  • ESG: E = environmental: we analyze the environmental footprint of companies, for

  • example, initiatives in areas such as energy saving and the reduction of

  • pollutant emissions. S = Social: we examine working conditions relationships

  • with clients and suppliers and human resources management. G = Governance: we

  • investigate the governance structure to assess if it's transparent and

  • independent. How the corporate officers are appointed and renewed and

  • if there is respect for shareholders. As an asset management company,

  • Allianz Global Investors has been a pioneer in SRI. We have been integrating ESG

  • factors into our investment decision since 2000. We have a team of dedicated

  • experts who assist our clients in their investment decisions. We can also count

  • on the support of our parent company Allianz. We're convinced that the

  • integration of ESG factors is a key factor in sustainable performance and

  • helps to reduce the risks of an investment. Integrating ESG factors into

  • our investment approach helps us to identify risks upstream and better

  • assess them. Identify long-term investment

  • opportunities, create value for client portfolios. SRI gives meaning to

  • investing and this comprehensive approach helps to ensure the sustainable

  • performance of our investments

In an increasingly complex world, when faced with many questions about the


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ESGとは? (What is ESG?)

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