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  • This is Carl Bildt in Stockholm

  • for Europe In 60 Seconds.

  • Brexit first.

  • Well, on Friday, what happens is that all

  • of the UK representatives

  • leaves everything in Brussels.

  • All of the meetings, all of their coordination,

  • all of the commissions and whatever,

  • when it comes to shaping and taking

  • the common decision.

  • So legally, they leave.

  • But they remain within the legal framework

  • of the European Union.

  • All of the laws, all of the regulations will apply

  • to them for the entire year.

  • They remain in the Customs Union.

  • They remain in the single market.

  • And the reason for that is that one would

  • have to try to negotiate an arrangement between

  • the United Kingdom and the EU during this year.

  • Whether that will be possible within that

  • very tight timeframe remains to be seen.

  • And towards the end of the year, we'll end up

  • either with a crash, I certainly hope not,

  • or with a fairly minimalistic agreement when

  • it comes to a very important future relationship

  • here in Europe and for the world.

  • So, this is the end of the beginning,

  • but it's certainly not the end.

  • Well, that remains to be seen, frankly speaking.

  • There is a lot of coordination going on.

  • But it boils down to the capacities of the national states.

This is Carl Bildt in Stockholm


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カール・ビルト、Brexit DayとEUについて l Europe In :60 l GZERO Media (Carl Bildt on Brexit Day & the EU l Europe In :60 l GZERO Media)

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