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Burton will finally leave the European Union on Friday and in a three year plus
back-and-forth that has raged ever since the British people voted in a national
referendum to lead the block and go it alone for more on this and other news
around the world let's go over to our eun-jung minute at the NewsCenter
the Sherman tell us more about this vote and more importantly what happens now
well conn-young EU member states have bid farewell to the UK in their final
vote for exit at the EU s Parliament in Brussels some showing joy others sadness
during a plenary plenary session on Wednesday of the 684 MEP present a 621
voted in favor of the bill 49 against the deal was passed following the UK
government's backing last week Burton will officially leave the EU at 11:00
p.m. GMT this Friday becoming the first member to leave the block after it's 47
years as a member when it leaves the number of member states and the EU will
tick down to 27 while saying goodbye to the UK the president of the European
Commission Earths LaVon de Lyon emphasised fairness
ahead of the trade negotiations lying ahead of them when it comes to access to
their single market with zero tariffs
but the precondition is that European and British businesses continue to
compete on a level playing field we will certainly not expose our companies to
unfair competition we will always love you and we will never be far long live
Europe after January 31st both sides will embark on a transition period this
year to set their future relationship until then Britain will remain within
the EU s rules and economic Arrangements that's going to be a grind when you
think of a tight timetable with only 11 months available for treating Ossetians
the EU is preparing for a no deal contingency plan and as experts have
raised the possibility that the talks could fall apart however a British prime
minister Boris Johnson has been making it clear that regardless there will be
no extension of the transition period


欧州議会、イギリスの離脱協定案を可決 31日23時にEU離脱へ (EU approves Brexit in final vote; UK to leave Friday)

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