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- [Interviewer] Big Bird,
today you'll be taking a lie detector test.
- Oh great, what's a lie detector test?
- [Interviewer] I'll be asking you a series of questions
and we have a few guest interviewers here to help.
- What, what is this? - Oh, oh,
hi, Elmo. - Hi,
Cookie Monster. - Hi, hi.
- Hi, Big Bird. - Hi, Abby.
- Good luck.
- [Abby] Okay.
- Gee, thank you. - The truth will set you free.
- Okay, I don't know what that means, but all right.
[plugs clicking] [electricity zapping]
[electronics boom]
- [Interviewer] Is your real name Big Bird?
- Me, I thought you were talking to Barry.
Yes, my name's Big Bird.
- [Interviewer] Do you live on Sesame Street?
- Yes, I do.
- [Interviewer] Are you ready to take
this lie detector test?
- Sure, yeah, mm-hmm.
- [Interviewer] Let's get started.
[screen booms]
How's he doing so far, Barry?
- Perfect, just perfect.
- [Interviewer] Eight-foot two.
Pretty tall, wouldn't you say?
- Yes.
- [Interviewer] You ever been asked to model?
- No, but I've been asked to reach things on high shelves.
- [Interviewer] Do you often get asked to play basketball?
- No, not really.
- [Interviewer] Do you think you'd be good at basketball
if you played?
- Oh, gee, I guess if I practice a lot,
I might get better at it.
I might get good, yeah.
- [Interviewer] Do you think you'd be better at basketball
than this man, Barry Bird?
- I don't know.
Looks like he's actually maybe a basketball player
so I'm gonna go with, this Bird's better.
- [Interviewer] Do you ever Google yourself, Big Bird?
- No, I don't even know what that means.
- [Interviewer] But you do have a Twitter, right?
- Oh, yeah, I like to tweet.
- [Interviewer] Do you ever check your Twitter DMs?
- Oh, what's that?
- [Interviewer] I guess that's a no.
- No, I guess not, maybe I'm not doing it right.
- [Interviewer] You were named a living legend
by the United States Library of Congress.
Are there any perks to being a living legend?
- Hmm, gee, if there are, I haven't gotten any.
- [Interviewer] Do you ever get to hang out
with this living legend, John Legend?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know John.
Sure, we've done a song together.
- [Interviewer] What song?
- Gee, I don't remember the name.
Barry, do you know the name of the song?
- I listen to the answers.
I don't answer questions.
- I'm not sure I believe him.
Maybe we should do the lie detector test
on Barry. [Barry laughs]
- [Interviewer] When Ariana Grande's song,
"Thank U, Next," came out, you tweeted, thank u, nest.
- Oh, yes, I think that was a typo.
- [Interviewer] So are you an Ariana Grande fan?
- Oh, sure, she seems really nice.
- [Interviewer] Is that true, Barry?
- Everything so far is true.
- [Interviewer] Do you wish Ariana
would visit Sesame Street?
- Oh, she's welcome anytime.
- [Interviewer] You interned at Funny or Die in 2015?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Interviewer] Would you ever consider interning
at Vanity Fair?
- Oh, sure, what do you have?
- [Interviewer] There's a couple openings.
- Well good, like what?
- [Interviewer] For example, writing about the White House.
- Oh, I like colors,
so I could write about any color house you'd like.
- [Interviewer] Sesame Street's in New York City, right?
- Mm-hmm, that's right.
- [Interviewer] So you ever take the subway?
- I have, but I have to really duck.
I have to duck really low and I sit in the subway like this.
You too, huh, Barry?
- [Barry] Oh, yes.
- [Interviewer] You've been six years old
for 50 years, right?
- Well, I'm not very good at math,
but I guess that's right, yes.
- [Interviewer] Do you have any skincare secrets or?
- Any skincare secrets?
Well, I mean, I'm a bird so I molt.
But I don't know, it just kinda happens.
- [Interviewer] Well thanks for your honesty.
Now we're gonna have some of your friends
ask you some questions.
- Oh, goody.
[papers rustle]
[text slams]
- Hi, Bird.
- [Big Bird] Oh hi, Cookie Monster.
- What you doing?
- [chuckles] I'm good, how are you?
- [Cookie] Me good, what you got on there?
- I have no idea.
But Barry put it on me and he's very nice
so I guess it's okay.
- Hi, Barry.
- Barry, that's Cookie Monster.
- Yeah, hi. - So nice to meet you.
- Good to see you.
- [Barry] Good to see you.
- [Cookie] Me going to ask you some questions.
- Oh, goody.
- Okay, um.
Boy, me got to think of question.
Oh, oh, you live in big nest, right?
- I do.
- Did you make said nest, yourself?
- Yes, I did make my nest, yes.
- Wow, me always wondered about that.
Uh. - Oh, Cookie Monster?
- Yeah. - Where do you live?
- Me live in apartment.
- [Big Bird] Oh, did you make the apartment yourself?
- No, me just moved in years ago, but it rent-controlled.
- Oh, that's nice. - And the old me
not going anywhere.
- That's pretty good.
- Me been there since the '60s.
- Really?
- Me look at sublet it.
- No, I wouldn't do that. - Me would get kicked out.
- I don't know what it means,
but I wouldn't do it. - Oh, you have to be careful.
Just checking that camera.
Hi. - Hi.
- Oh, me got question.
- [Big Bird] Okay.
- [Cookie] You live near Oscar the Grouch, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, so would you say he a good neighbor?
- Well, he's a grouchy neighbor, does that count?
- Me like it, Barry, we good?
- Truthful, truthful answer.
- Terrific.
Um, have you ever thought of asking Oscar
to clean up the garbage can?
- No, not really, I mean, that's what Oscar likes.
He likes his trash, I mean, he loves his trash.
I would never ask him to clean it up.
- Big Bird.
- [Big Bird] Yes, Cookie Monster.
- Would you say that you love birdseed
more than me love cookies?
- Hmm, that's hard to say.
I mean, I sure do love birdseed
and I know that you love cookies.
Oh, oh, hey, Cookie Monster.
- Yeah.
- Have you ever tried a birdseed cookie?
- Me have.
- They're good, right? - Me love, you like them?
- I do, I like them a lot.
- Let's go get one of them.
- Okay, let's.
- [Cookie] Oh, you strapped in there.
- Maybe get one for me. - You know what,
Barry, whenever he go, maybe all three of us.
You like birdseed cookies?
- Oh, I love 'em.
- They're really good. - Let's do it.
The three of us.
Then we get crazy.
[papers rustle]
[text booms]
- Hi, Big Bird.
- Hi. - Hi Elmo, hi Abby.
This is Barry.
- [Elmo] Hi, Barry.
- Oh, hi Barry. - Barry, this is,
this is Elmo
- Hello. - Barry, what,
what in the world - and Abby.
- is going on here?
What is this?
- Yeah, what's happening?
- I like your tie, Barry.
- Oh, thank you so much.
- It's very fashionable. - Yeah,
it's nice. - That was true, by the way.
[Abby laughs]
- So what is this, a lie detector test?
- What should we do, Barry?
- You are gonna ask the questions.
- Ask the questions. - Ask, yeah.
- Yeah, I'm gonna
- At Big Bird. - answer the questions.
Do you have any questions for me?
- Questions. - Okay, okay,
who's your best friend?
- Snuffy.
- Oh, thought he was gonna say Elmo.
Okay, who really is your best friend?
- Snuffy.
- Oh. - Mr. Snuffleupagus
is my best friend
- Oh. - Is that right?
- That's a little awkward.
- Abby, your turn. - Is it?
- Okay, Big Bird.
- Yes, Abby? - Other than Snuffy,
who are your other best friends?
- Oh, Elmo and Abby.
[Elmo and Abby laugh]
That's easy, oh, Barry?
- [Barry] That's true,
very, very true. - Yeah, you're my friend too,
right? - Oh, we can be friends.
Yes. - And Barry's, Barry's,
you know what, maybe we should do a playdate with Barry.
- Oh, that's a good idea. - Sure.
- Barry. - Love it.
Absolutely. - Do you know the alphabet?
- Hey, Big Bird?
- Hmm, what? - Would you say
hopscotch is your favorite game?
- No, I don't think hopscotch is my favorte game, no?
- [gasps] Barry, is that true?
- Everything he has said so far is absolutely true.
- Wow. - Ooh, ooh,
okay, I got another question. - Okay, go ahead then.
- Okay, go ahead. - It's kinda rippin' off
the other one. - Okay.
- Rippin'. - Okay.
- What is your favorite game?
- Oh, I love tag.
[Abby squeals] - Oh, that's good.
That's a good, that's true.
- Yeah, and now we know.
- Okay, so Elmo has a question.
- Okay Elmo.
- You performed "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble
on Lip Sync Batter. - Yes.
- Is that a question? - So is it a question?
- Is that true?
- I did.
- Okay, very good.
That's Elmo's question. - He concurred it.
- He what? - It's called concur.
- You were there with me, Elmo.
Remember, we did "I Gotta Feeling".
- That is true.
Correct, it's right.
- Would you say you have lots of feelings, Big Bird?
- Sure, don't we all have lots of feelings?
- [Abby] Would you say that you're emotional?
- Emotional?
- Are you an emotional bird? - Yeah.
- Well, I mean, I have feelings.
Sometimes I feel happy.
Sometimes I feel sad.
That's just what being a bird is all about, right?
- Beautiful.
- I love it. - That was beautiful.
- I love that though. - That was beautiful.
- It's making me emotional.
Sometimes Big Bird's emotional.
- And now it's making me sad.
- Oh, okay, it's gonna be okay.
- Okay. - We gotta lock it up,
lock it up. - Okay, I gotta question.
Okay, Big Bird. - What?
- Remember when we had a sleepover?
Do I snore?
- You do snore a little bit, but it's very cute
and it's like little [tongue clicks].
- [Elmo] [snickers] You snore.
- [Big Bird] It's very cute, right?
Elmo, you remember, right? - Yes, it's adorable.
[Elmo and Big Bird laugh] - I just was wondering,
I didn't know for sure.
- Okay, last question, this is a hard-hitting question.
- Okay, hit me with it.
- Do you like candy?
- I do like candy.
- That's correct! [Abby laughs]
Congratulations, Big Bird. - Thank you.
- Whatever this is, you win. - Everything he has said
so far is absolutely correct. - Can I get
unhooked from this thing now, it's a little tight.
- Barry. - Barry, did he pass?
- That was the most truthful session I've ever had
in all the time I've been doing this.
- You could say, wait for this,
you could say he passed with flying colors. [laughs]
[Big Bird laughs]
- Except I can't fly. - Do you know it's--
- I think you noticed, I can't fly.
- You got it. - Make a point to try?
- You know what, Barry's getting emotional now.
Look at him. - It's true.
- Oh, a little tear. - It's so sweet.
- Hey, you know what, I have to go to the bathroom.
- Yeah, I'm with you.
- That's true. - I went.
- It is true, I know, can I get unhooked from this thing?
- Actually, I went just now. - It's the weirdest thing
we've ever done. [door slams]


ビッグバード、嘘発見器にかけられる (Big Bird Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair)

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