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- Here are the most anticipated movies of 2020.
Folks, you know what we always say.
New year, new us.
And as we look forward to a brand new year
that'll definitely be super cool
with absolutely nothing that could possibly go wrong,
we thought we'd run down all of the amazing movies
coming out in 2020 that make us grateful to be alive.
Folks, let's start this list off with an obvious choice.
Marvel's Black Widow.
After being in the MCU for a decade,
Natasha Romanoff is finally getting her own solo film,
and it doesn't even matter that Black Widow
straight up died in Avengers: Endgame.
That's because it's a prequel.
The movie will bridge the gap between
Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War,
while diving deep into Natasha's backstory
which until now has been shrouded in more secrecy
than what was actually in that Shawarma.
- I don't know what it is but I wanna try it.
- The next one's been in the works for so long
the whole thing kinda felt like wishful thinking
for a while.
Bill & Ted Face The Music.
- No way.
- Yes way, Ted!
- [Dan] The world has Keanu Reeves fever
and we don't want it to be cured.
We don't know an awful lot about this film just yet
but we know that we're gonna be the first in line
to go see it when it comes to theaters this August.
- Excellent! - Excellent!
- Next station is scary town because our next pick
is The Invisible Man, and no, this isn't part of
Universal's now defunct dark universe, RIP,
but it's a new modern adaptation by horror writer
and director Leigh Whannell and stars Elizabeth Moss.
This could be the film that maybe reinvigorates
Universal's monster-verse, but then again,
they said the same thing about The Mummy.
And with that, we're back to Marvel with The Eternals.
If you don't know or if you don't care about
The Eternals right now, well you're probably like
most comic book fans.
But, you better be prepared to change your attitude,
because that's what we all thought about
Guardians of the Galaxy when that was announced
and look where we are now.
- [Rocket] Bunch of jackasses standing in a circle.
- Plus, I mean just look at that cast.
Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, Richard Madden,
Salma Hayek, Kit Harrington, the list goes on and on.
It's like a CBS receipt of pure talent.
From Marvel to the distinguished competition,
next up is Birds of Prey,
or The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.
This movie is gonna have everything,
if by everything you mean mallet violent
as performed by Margot Robbie,
and Ewan McGregor being absolutely devastatingly handsome.
- Woo!
- Now The Mandalorian might have introduced
Star Wars to Cara Dune in 2019
but 2020 is gonna have a very different dune.
Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of classic
Frank Herbert sci-fi novel Dune to be specific.
Folks, we're talking a movie filled with action,
political intrigue and giant sand worms.
Yeah, that's right folks, we reached pretty far
for that joke but hey, that's showbiz baby.
And folks, if Disney's gonna remake all of
our childhood favorites in live action
then let's be real, Mulan is an excellent choice.
None of the live action remakes so far
have featured giant battle scenes,
so it's kinda worth the price of admission for that alone.
Plus, the most recent trailer's inclusion
of the orchestral version of Reflection
has us super hyped to go cry in the dark.
Just me?
Don't lie, you were crying.
Venom 2, knock knock, let the devil back in
electrical googaloo, because folks,
Venom is back and I can't believe it.
Honestly, when Venom first came out we didn't expect
to be so charmed by this giant goo monster.
Also didn't expect Tumblr to be so horny for him,
but here we are, just champing at the bit for Venom 2.
We know it's gonna have our favorite romantic couple
of Eddie and Venom back at it,
ready to eat whatever bad guys they come across,
climb in whatever aquarium they can find.
It's gonna have Woody Harrelson in a wig,
and maybe, just maybe, a Spider-Man cameo.
So, sign us all the way up.
And this time, you won't have to apologize
for the movie you just watched in the movie.
- Hey I'm sorry about Venom.
- Halloween Kills.
Folks, I'm not warning you about that person
down the street with the razor blades in their apple
which doesn't exist, who started that dumb ass rumor?
2018's decades later sequel to Halloween
was a breath of fresh air for a series
that had grown burdened by overly complicated
and increasingly silly law.
- What the hell's somebody gotta do
to get a little decent help up in this (bleep)?
- Now hopefully they keep things just as simple
for 2020's Halloween Kills, even if we know nothing
will be completely tied up in the next film
since there's another announced sequel
with Halloween Ends still to come.
But hey, nothing ever really ends,
except this episode, but not yet.
It's No Time To Die.
This'll be Daniel Craig's final outing as the gentleman spy,
in a movie directed by Cary Fukunaga
and co-written by Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
I mean, come on.
This is the recipe for success,
especially considering this will also have Daniel Craig
and Ana de Armas teaming up once again
after their excellent turn in Knives Out.
Will they be wearing better sweaters?
They say that hindsight is 2020,
but honestly, we only care about 1984,
specifically, Wonder Woman 1984.
The sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman
is gonna bring us back to the neon soaked 1980s
and we're here for Steve Trevor's
unlikely return in a tracksuit,
Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, and Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord.
And of course, the eponymous Wonder Woman herself,
and her mix of kicking ass, taking names,
having a big heart and hopefully an invisible jet.
That's gotta be the jet, right?
The shot in the trailer.
That's gotta be the invisible jet.
It's visible in the inside, otherwise how would they fly it?
- Right.
- Now while this list of most anticipated films
was in no particular order,
we have to admit this final spot is maybe,
just maybe, our most anticipated as a collective whole.
Christopher Nolan's Tenet.
Nolan's films are always an event,
they are a must-see cinematic experience.
But what do we know about it?
Well, not much outside of a cool trippy teaser trailer
and honestly, that's about it, but we're hooked.
In fact you might say we're ready to rate this film
a tenet out of tenet.
Who (bleep) wrote this?
Now folks, there are many, many more films
coming out next year that may be flying
under the radar right now or just straight up
not even announced yet.
And of course there are other movies that
we've got our eyes on, like Antebellum and Antlers.
You might even say we have a morbius curiosity
about Jared Leto's vampire movie for Sony, Morbi...
You guys get it.
He's the vampire man.
Anyway, all in all these are the films
that we here at Nerdist are most excited for in 2020.
But tell us, what films are you most excited for?
If you disagree with this list,
take it up with the producers.
They stonewalled me at every turn.
Paddington 3.
- Oh, yes please.
- It's not coming out next year, but what if?
Anyway, what do you folks think?
What's your most anticipated film of 2020?
Were there any that we definitely left off this list,
and will Tenet live up to our expectations?
Let's discuss.


The Most Anticipated Films of 2020! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

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