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now to give you some idea of the seriousness of the new coronavirus the
confirmed cases have now outnumbered that of the 2003 SARS outbreak and all
within the matter of a few weeks for more on this our Jonghyun is online Jang
Yoon it looks like this outbreak is here to stay at least for some more time to
come right so the new type of corona virus that first sprouted up in the
Chinese city of Han late last month continues to claim more victims as a
Thursday the death toll in China tops 170 and the total number of confirmed
cases came to nearly 8000 an infection rate much faster than the outbreak of
SARS which had around 5,300 confirmed cases in 2003 as the virus continues to
spread quickly the World Health Organization has advised China to test
everyone leaving the country w-h-o suggests china check for symptoms
of high fever or cough among those departing with the cases related human
to human transmission increasing the w-h-o will decide on whether to announce
a global emergency within the next 24 hours global emergencies are declared
when a disease or virus spreads across borders and is considered to be putting
other countries Public Health in danger once in place relevant regions undergo
thorough investigations along with restrictions on travel and trade now a
number of countries have sent charted planes to retrieve their nationals from
Wuhan what do we know about that so far and what are they doing to ensure these
people don't spread the virus when they get back to their home countries well
some 200 US citizens who are in ohan arrived at an Air Reserve Base some 90
kilometers away from Los Angeles on Wednesday morning local time
all of them underwent medical tests twice in China and none had symptoms of
pneumonia but as the incubation period of the corona virus last two weeks the
passengers will be examined once again in California and will be put into
emergency shelters at the air base for three days to two weeks
meanwhile Japan also brought out some 200 Nationals of which 13 had fevers and
coughs according to Kyodo news to people men in their 40s and 50s were diagnosed
with pneumonia but their symptoms were relatively trivial people with symptoms
were hospitalized while the rest are staying at a hotel in Chiba Prefecture
the authorities tested every passenger for the novel coronavirus
except for two people who refused the test Japan will establish a health
follow-up center and will watch for symptoms in the evacuees
via phone and email that's all I have for now but I'll be back with more
updates in our later newscast


中国以外で感染拡大 WHOが新型コロナウイルスについて緊急事態宣言を検討 (WHO to decide on whether to declare coronavirus )

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