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the new corona virus is infecting and killing more people each day it's been
just few weeks since the virus first broke out in ohan but now the number of
people who have corona virus in China has outnumbered those who had SARS our
title mune has the latest the new type of corona virus that first appeared in
the Chinese city of Han late last month continues to claim more victims as of
Thursday the death toll in China tops 117 and the
total number of confirmed cases comes to around 8,000 with an infection rate much
faster than the SARS outbreak in 2003 which had around 5,300 confirmed cases
as the virus continues to spread China's President Xi said the preventing and
containing it remains a grim and complex task China's state-run media CCTV
reported on Wednesday that she has sent a military medical team to the front
line to prevent the epidemic from spreading emphasizing the role of the
military she requested army hospitals to cure patients and science institutes to
actively tackle the virus in order to prevent the virus from spreading the
city of ohan has increased its Lunar New Year holiday to two weeks the holiday
was originally supposed to end on January 30th but will now end on
February 13th companies in the region will delay their reopening the China CDC
said the extension will reduce human to human contact which is a critical way of
tackling respiratory infections China's central government has already extended
the holiday for days and other provinces are also delaying the reopening of
businesses and schools the International Ski Federation has also called off Ski
World Cup races that were due to take place near Beijing in order to protect
the health of the participants cha dong-young
arirang news


新型肺炎、世界で感染者約8000人に (Confirmed cases of new coronavirus reach 8,000)

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