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The skills for learning vocabulary are one of the keys to success in English language exams!
English teacher, Margaret John, would agree.
-You know, what really makes the difference between a fair and an excellent performance in exams?
It's knowing how to learn your vocabulary.
This is true when you're faced with a new or difficult word – you need to know how to deal with it.
Hopefully our top tips can help you.
Firstly, when you see an unfamiliar word, can you ignore it?
You might find that you can understand the general meaning of the sentence without understanding every single word.
If you're stuck on a new word, are there clues to help you guess its meaning?
Again, look at the context of the sentence to work out what the new word means.
Maybe the word looks like a similar one you already know?
But be careful of what we call false friends.
These are words which look very similar to words in your own language, but have a completely different meaning.
Get to know the common false friends that your language has with English!
It may sound obvious, but you could use a dictionary to look up a new or difficult word.
Think about which one to use – a bilingual one or a monolingual one.
Think about the new word in English.
It will also help you build your vocabulary by giving you other words connected to the new word you've just learned.
And, of course, when you discover a new word, use it or lose it, as Examiner, Mark Shea, explains.
-You need to revise your vocabulary on a regular basis, perhaps once after twenty-four hours and once a week.
It's not enough to write a word down to learn the word.
You need to use the word to really acquire it.
So, don't forget your new word.
Record it, and make use of it in your writing and conversations.
Try these tips, and hopefully you won't find new and difficult words a challenge any longer.
Good luck!



【試験対策】難しい単語に出会ってしまった場合の対処法  (Exam Skills: 5 tips for dealing with new and difficult vocabulary)

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