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  • Singing this song blesses me. ♫

  • - [Voiceover] Death being like a song, takes place

  • over time.

  • There's a beginning to it, there's a culmination,

  • and then there's an ending.

  • I think it has the possibility of enhancing our lives

  • rather than taking something away from them.

  • My name is Kate Munger, I'm the founder of

  • The Threshold Choir.

  • We sing at the bedsides of people who are dying.

  • (singing in harmony)

  • I started the first choir in March of 2000.

  • Six months later, two more choirs, and today

  • there are 150 choirs around the world.

  • May you be at peace. ♫

  • In 1990, I spent an afternoon taking care of

  • a friend of mine who was dying of HIV/AIDS.

  • He was comatose and agitated, and I didn't know

  • what to do.

  • So I started instinctively singing to him.

  • He started to calm and I started to calm.

  • I knew I'd discovered something ancient,

  • and that I wanted to bring back.

  • The songs that we bring to bedsides are mostly songs

  • that we've written.

  • They're short, they're sung very, very softly,

  • and the lyrics offer comfort, they offer serenity,

  • they offer simplicity and ease.

  • We will knock on the door and try to slip into the room

  • where the person is dying, as gently as a butterfly.

  • We've come to sing for you.

  • May you be free from suffering. ♫

  • We often see a calming of the breath, sometimes

  • we'll see a toe tapping or a finger moving,

  • a smile, and then when we're done, slip out just as quietly.

  • Often we'll leave singing.

  • You are not alone, I am here now. ♫

  • Many of the people we've sung for say that

  • their pain is gone, their pain is lessened,

  • that is a miracle to me.

  • (gentle piano music)

Singing this song blesses me. ♫


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人生の終わりの慰めの歌 (Songs of Comfort at the End of Life)

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