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Can I help you?
Why, yes. Yes, you can.
I'm here to report a terrible crime.
And what terrible crime is that?
This one.
Aw, shit.
I told this all wrong. Quick history lesson.
This all started when the Joker and I broke up.
It was completely mutual.
And soon enough, I was back on my feet,
ready to embrace the fierce goddess within.
♪ It's oh so quiet ♪
Now that I've cut ties with Mr. J...
I'm about to learn that a lot of people want me dead.
♪ You're all alone ♪
And at the top of that list...
is this guy.
♪ And so peaceful until ♪
But it turns out...
...I wasn't the only dame in Gotham
looking for emancipation.
♪ You fall in love zing, boom ♪
He's after all of us.
-♪ Sky up above ♪ - The kid just robbed him.
♪ Zing, boom ♪
You betrayed him. You killed his BFF.
♪ Wow, bam! ♪
You are so cool.
And you're dumb enough to be building a case against him.
So, unless we all want to die very unpleasant deaths...
we're gonna have to work together.
- Sure. - Yes!
Psychologically speaking,
vengeance rarely brings the catharsis we hope for.
Are we ready?
♪ You blow a fuse ♪
♪ Zing, boom ♪
♪ The devil cuts loose ♪
♪ Zing, boom ♪
♪ So what's the use? ♪
♪ Wow, bam ♪
Whoo! Turn it up!
♪ The sky caves in ♪
♪ The devil cuts loose ♪
♪ You blow blow blow blow your fuse ♪
♪ When you fall in love ♪
Oh, shit. Is that a hyena in a bathtub?
I named him Bruce after that hunky Wayne guy.


Birds of Prey – Official Trailer 2 – Warner Bros. UK

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