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Hey, everybody.
Ian Bremmer here from Addis Ababa, of all places,
what a beautiful day to be here.
And I have your World In 60 Seconds.
Questions here, ready to go.
Well, big repercussions internationally because
the Europeans, the Canadians, plenty met.
They lied about it before they finally said, OK.
Tried to cover it up.
And that means it's going to be much tougher
to keep them onside in terms of this
Iranian nuclear deal that the Iranians themselves
are increasingly pulling away from.
Also, big demonstrations on the ground in Iran.
That's bad for the Iranians, of course, the worst week
they've had in decades.
Well, I mean, pretty bad in the sense that Trump is
now not just talking about no nukes.
He's also saying, don't you dare abuse your people,
don't go after them.
So, is Trump saying that there's going to be hell to pay
or further sanctions for repression?
I mean, right now, the isolation
of the Iranian regime has gone way the heck up.
They're in trouble.
They're actually in trouble right now.
Well, this shows you that US-China relations
are going to get worse.
Xi Jinping feels like he's in a bit of a box
on this after Hong Kong and the repression there.
That's why Tsai Ing-wen, the nationalist
did so well there.
But after this deal is signed between the US and China
this week on trade,
everything else going in a bad direction:
Taiwan, Hong Kong, intellectual property, Uighurs.
And watch what happens with the extradition case
of the daughter of the Huawei founder
in Canada this month.
I'll be back with you next week.


1 分で先週のニュースまとめ:米イラン緊迫、台湾大統領選挙など (Unrest in Iran; Taiwan election implications for US-China in 2020 | World in :60 | GZERO Media)

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