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  • - [Narrator] In most of the world,

  • horseracing is a fast-paced, head-spinning event.

  • But here on Japan's northernmost island, Hokkaido,

  • the races move ...

  • (quirky music)

  • A little bit slower.

  • (quirky music)

  • Ban'ei is a form of horseracing found only in Hokkaido

  • in which draft horses pull heavy sleds

  • down a 200 meter dirt track.

  • The sleds can range from 900 to 2,000 pounds,

  • so Ban'ei horses are often twice as big

  • as their speedy counterparts.

  • (quirky music)

  • Kikuchi Kazuki has been a Ban'ei jockey

  • for the past nine years.

  • But the history of this race goes back much further.

  • - [Narrator] The popularity of the races grew,

  • and starting in the 1950s there were four cities

  • hosting races across Hokkaido.

  • However, in recent years interest has waned.

  • And today the races are only held at this racetrack.

  • But that didn't stop Kikuchi.

  • - [Narrator] Pulling one-ton sleds is no easy task.

  • But these draft horses race only every two weeks.

  • And in-between, they're well taken care of.

  • - [Narrator] And for first time spectators,

  • seeing Ban'ei horses can be a bit of a shock.

  • - [Narrator] There have been signs that Ban'ei racing

  • may be regaining popularity.

  • Either way, Kakuchi is happy to be part of this tradition.

- [Narrator] In most of the world,


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北海道の競馬のハウ・スロー・キャン・ユー・ゴー (How-Slow-Can-You-Go Horse Racing in Hokkaido)

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