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you have just boarded the airplane and you need some help watch this video and
learn the seven questions you must know how to ask the flight attendant in
English on the airplane hey friends teacher Prix here to help you talk to anyone
anywhere anytime in English first of all thank you so much for joining me on
another video I hope you enjoy it and if it's your first time here yes thank you
so much I hope you enjoy this lesson I hope it can help you become a better
English communicator and make sure to subscribe because every week I post
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English speaker very nice this is another video of the video series
English on the airplane travel English so this time I'm gonna be showing you
seven questions you must know how to ask the flight attendant so here we go
question number one in this kind of question you can use it for many
different things because it's basically to ask for things on the airplane
sometimes we need stuff so the way you can ask is can I get a...
and then the object you could also say could I get blah blah blah or could I
have the only difference is that if you say can, it's a little bit more informal
and if you use could well the opposite a little bit more formal and then let's
see some examples excuse me can I get a pair of headphones please good
headphones you know if you're going to watch a movie and remember it's not
about calling the flight attendant there is a button that you can push that will
inform the flight attendant that you need something so after you push the
button wait a little bit the flight attendant will come to you and then you
can ask then if you can explain something if there's a problem excuse me
my headphones are not working can I get another pair
can I have another pair if you're cold and it's a night flight you can ask for
another blanket excuse me can I have another blanket can I get another
blanket could I get another blanket please you can also ask for help on the
airplane maybe you are going to need some help okay so here are some
questions that you can ask if you need help
question number two can you help me with my seatbelt please so basically you are
going to start with can you help me with my seatbelt please do you know seatbelt
you know the thing you have to put on before the plane takes off it's
mandatory wear a seatbelt if for some reason you can't fasten your seatbelt
you can ask for the flight attendant's help it's normal I have seen many people
having problems with the seatbelt sometimes
first-time Flyers you know if it's your first time flying abroad it happens
don't feel sad or embarrassed it happens it could happen to anyone push the
button so that the flight attendant can know you need help and then they will
come to you and then you can say hmm can you help me with my seatbelt please and
they will help you absolutely oh hey by the way I make videos here every week
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really cool tips anyways back to the lesson right so number three another
thing that can happen maybe your seat is stuck if you watched my previous videos
when we are about to take off our seat needs to be on the upright position okay
not in like when we're resting sleeping no on the upright position so it could
be stuck you know like you can't put it back you can put it back up so if you're
having problems to put your seat back up in the upright position you can ask for
the flight attendant's help it could happen okay
airplanes always do a check up on all seats to make sure that everything is
working properly but hey maybe you're nervous maybe it's
your first time traveling and maybe it got stuck even if for a moment so all
you gotta do is push the button the flight attendant will come and then you
can tell them look I can't get my seat up could you help me with that
could you help me put my seat up right okay so these are some things you can
say and they will definitely help you basically the word help will be used in
a lot of questions here on the airplane okay question number four if you're
having problems to put your carry-on luggage inside the overhead bin or
overhead compartment you can ask for a flight attendant to help you with that I
have had problems with this in the past and all I did was to ask them excuse me
could you help me put this bag in the overhead compartment please excuse me
could you help me put this back inside the overhead bin please now make sure
that you have the proper size for the carry-on luggage because if it's too big
then you may need to just check it before you board so always check the size of
your carry-on luggage but if you're having problems to put it inside maybe
it's too heavy and you're old and you're not strong enough to lift your carry-on
luggage and put it inside ask for help and you don't even
need to call the flight attendant maybe if someone is around hey ask for help
okay nice another thing that is very common
and may happen is when people want to change seats maybe you're traveling with
a friend and this friend is sitting somewhere else and you want to sit next
to this friend so you can ask the flight attendant about that okay it's not a
guarantee that you will change seats but after everybody is seated the flight
attendant can check if it's possible to find you another seat so one way to ask
that is excuse me would it be possible to change or to switch seats with
someone my friend or my boyfriend and I would like to sit together so you can
give a little explanation my friend and I would like to sit together so would it
be possible to change or to switch seats with someone basically they will check
one thing that they may tell you is it may be possible but I will have to wait
until the plane takes off okay you may have to wait a little while but if you
need to ask this question there you have it and finally, food! you know everybody
complains about airplane food you know that it's awful it tastes horribly but I
kinda like it I love this moment I get very excited when I'm traveling so I
enjoy every single moment how about you let me know here in the comments do you
like the airplane food so asking about food number six
what time will dinner be served and you can say what time will breakfast be
served or what time will is snacks be served what time will refreshments be
served it depends on the time of the flight if it's a long flight which
usually happens at night you may have a dinner and a breakfast if it's a shorter
flight you may get just snacks you know just some refreshments so you
can ask that now one important thing for people with restricted diets if you are
on a kosher diet if you are vegetarian or if you are
intolerant to gluten and lactose to request special food I believe that most
of the times you have to do this before you board before you go check in ok, you
do this online and then you request a special meal ok so check with your
airline if you are that kind of person check it online to see if you have to
request it before I'm pretty sure you do and then make sure to confirm it at the
time of the check-in before you boardboard
you can't just request a special meal they may not have it ok now if you requested
a special meal and there was a problem you can inform the flight attendant
excuse me but I requested a kosher meal excuse me but I requested a vegetarian
meal so this is something you can tell them if you get the wrong meal finally
if you are tired of sitting on an airplane and wait for your destination
to finally be there question 7 can help you with that how long before we land
very simple and short question push the button they'll come and then
you say hm how long before we land and they will tell you sir approximately 2
hours or we will be landing in about 20 minutes in some more modern airplanes you
can already check that okay there are some screens there are some TV screens
in front of you where you can watch movies and TV series and you can also
check the flight details but if you are old-fashioned like me you can just push
the button wait for them to come and ask this question yourself there you go now
you're ready you can talk to anyone anywhere anytime including the flight
attendant this may seem like silly questions but I've traveled before and I
have seen people having problems to communicate efficiently with flight
attendants so if it's your first time traveling everything may be new and
challenging so these are the most important questions you must know to
have a very nice and pleasant flight okay which new words did you learn in
this video let me know in the comments and if you found this video useful how
about sharing it with someone thank you so much friends and I'll see you next
time bye


7 MUST Know Questions To Ask The Flight Attendant - English at the Airport

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