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Hello guys, welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
Today, we're going to read comments...
...in classical music videos.
- That's right. - And see what everyone else is actually thinking about it.
Why the left lung?
Let's see 4:35.
What was that...how did you notice that? *laughs*
It was like, "BLAGH!"... *laughs*
It was like he held it in, and he was like... *laughs*
That was a lot of...
- He sounded like he had pneumonia or something. - Yeah, I know.
Dude, it's, oh—
It sound like a left lung thing.
See what other comments there are.
But you never know, like old people, you know.
I don't know how hard it is... *snickers*
- To be old... - To hold.
It's probably very difficult to be old, guys! *laughs*
By the law of nature, the older you get...
The more your left lung coughs.
Yeah, the more your left lung just decides to act up.
You know you're in like a classical music video though,
- when the comments are like, "Cough! Urgh!" - I know.
Definitely in the classical section of YouTube.
This one's funny.
My left lung... *laughs*
To do what?
Daniel, you sure "desnoyed" them.
- Welcome to the classical comment section of YouTube. - Yes.
It's supposed to focus on the music guys!
- YouTube... - I...I guess...
- Yeah, it's abso...yeah. - Rachmaninoff...who wouldn't fap to that...
Rachmaninoff's in his grave going... *wheeze* *laughs*
What do you think that means?
It's got 1.8K likes!
- I don't know. - Time for Google Translate.
*chuckles* Question mark.
- I don't know. - What do you guys think?
Listen to the music and then ask yourself that question.
Oui oui.
Who wouldn't "Rach-man-it-off?
Moving on! *chuckles*
- Ohh. - Competition, guys.
Chopin. I didn't realise you're...
Still alive.
Maybe it's a trick, he's actually still alive.
- Oh, may— - I think Chopin used to comment on our video.
Yeah, no!
Chopin downloaded his data into a USB,
and now he's alive on the internet.
That's right guys!
Chopin's dead in the body,
but his spirit still lives on in the Internet world.
Hmm, the future's coming.
That's right, Dvořák. Why are you stealing from the "Jaws" theme.
Can we copystrike Dvořák?
- Dvorak! *laughs* - Why did you copy the "Jaws" theme!
Argh! Be creative man, stop stealing content!
Dude it's so hot in here.
What could go wrong here?
Let's see. Here we go.
Yeah, guys.
- 594 likes. There's a lot of— - Wow. You guys all from 1720s!
- Woah... - Oh my God.
Comment below which period you're from guys.
Says God.
God. Oh, God.
Oh my God!
Music of today just sucks. I wish I was uh...
Back in 1720, we listen to the Vivaldi "Four Seasons".
And music was about Mother Earth and the seasons in nature.
Now music's all about...
- I mean I guess so. - Yeah.
- Oh yeah. - You're right. Vivaldi was actually a metalhead.
*laughs* *coughs*
All my wealth! *laughs*
Guys, weird flex but okay.
Just play Vivaldi when you have your friends over.
- To flex how wealthy you are. - Yeah guys.
Or you mean "uneducated people".
They're just...they're just not wealthy.
Yeah. No one's wealthy enough to listen to Vivaldi.
- *chuckles* It's everywhere. - That's...definitely that one cello song.
Go to the streets and play that one cello song!
- Like that person that used to busk outside our uni. - Oh...! Yeah.
Oh you've got stuff in your...
This is the piece to make money on the streets guys!
If you want to busk, this is the solo piece.
So original!
Nice one. Oh Eddy! What's up, Eddy?
Oh no.
I'm so sorry Eddy.
It's alright, you can still learn the cello and play that piece guys.
Very doable.
Ex-girlfriend was a violist.
- Dab to that! - Mmm!
- Look at her. She totally looks like she would... *laughs* - Oh no! *laughs*
Two years ago, the kid's probably two years old now.
Oh my God—
For all those kids out there suffering and just learning this piece for the mothers,
it's okay, guys.
It's 2.2 thousand mothers that liked this.
Pray for the kids that learn Bach cello suite.
(Both) That one cello song.
Dude, that could become a meme.
- Yeah? - We can start writing...
Shichao Wang, you can become a meme.
Look at that face.
- Oh. - Yeah.
Yeah. I mean, he's in a church, right?
Moving on.
Oof! 1.6 thousand likes!
Who's not a...for classical music.
- That's right. - What about TwoSet Violin?
That's okay.
Next one is Hilary's Mendelssohn.
(Both) That's so true.
- So controlled. - Dude.
Her finger vibrato is better than all my fingers together.
- Can someone make like, a meme from that? - Yes...yeah.
Hilary Hahn.
- Next one. - The next one is Beethoven "Moonlight".
I mean, you deserve all the compliments, Beethoven.
*claps* Oui oui.
But can you hear yourself say that?
*sigh* This is so sad.
Guys if you enjoyed too much happiness,
listen to some Beethoven.
Ashley Kim says...
Arghhhhhhhhhhhh *claps*
- Guys. - Guys, stop killing my cells!
You just made Brett die a little bit!
Uncultured swine! *chuckles*
Stop clapping in between movements!
I'm so hungry.
Paganini 5 by Kavakos.
That's right guys, the ultimate speed test.
But if you can play slow, you can play fast!
Buy the merch!
True story.
- Especially in you live in Australia. - So fast. Yeah.
*sigh* Yeah, guys.
Look at the way this piano is being assaulted right now.
- Guys, stop the chain of damage. - Dammit.
Look after your piano.
Alright, we gotta start working out, okay.
La Campanella, guys. *chuckles*
That's the new workout program,
La Campanella two to three times a week.
But first you gotta learn it, so go practice.
That's how they play games guys.
Fair enough.
*"Careless Whisper"*
It's definitely...kissing.
Alexa, play Clair de lune.
Cannot find Clair de lune. Sorry.
- Dammit, Alexa. - Get it together.
Cue Adagio for strings.
Dude, it's just like a meme now.
Typical YouTube comments.
- Oh, video unavailable. I guess it's not happening. Guys... - Ohhhhhh.
That's it.
Guys, what music would you want to play,
when you watch TwoSet Violin?
And when you step on a lego?
Because we would...
- I don't know. - Yeah.
We won't step on Lego 'cause we actually practiced.
Smash the subscribe button guys!


Reading Funny Classical Music Comments on Youtube

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