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- Maybe topless today, if you're wearing something,
please, get naked. (chuckling)
All right, that goes for you too ladies.
- No.
- All right we come back from commercial
and see if they listen.
- If you're a 16 year old kid
and you have sex with your best friend's mom,
you usually get high fives, okay?
(gasps) - Oh my Goodness.
- No let me just finish, let me just finish okay,
she's not that attractive so - oh my God even worst.
- You might not have, you know, that kind of reception, but.
- She is--
- By the way - And how well
could she be eating, she needs to drop a few.
I mean I'm telling you that like
- You did not say that - No listen
- Come on over and make my dinner, will ya.
- Absolutely, I'll jam some stuffing.
- And there goes Brian, there, he's going down,
Brian's going down!
Brian oh, Heraldo, Heraldo.
- But I think that what a woman brings to a marriage,
more than anything else to a relationship,
is her youth, her youth is a fragile,
and diminishing resource.
- This is my move, I'm going to stand.
- Oh gosh. (laughing)
Very slow, just like this.
- Here we go. (slow clapping)
(all laughing)
- And you know, you walk by, and just the clapping
and I would say the success rate
is about 90% you get a smile.
- And our final contestant is Paige, oof.
All right. - (chuckles) my.
- I like the thought of friending her.
- What do you think about this?
- I think.
- I like the sleeves,
I don't wanna wear long sleeves every single day.
- I long their proponent of deltoid exposure.
- Deltoid?
- Yes, and that's what - is that the hairline?
- Yeah this like, see you got the V.
(women laughing)
(shushing) - keep going.
- Chicks, sh.
(upbeat music)


Fox News: Fair and Balanced Misogyny | The Daily Show

26 タグ追加 保存
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