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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 91. All right. The word

  • origin today is God bless. You, you know what we say...especially when somebody

  • sneezes. You know , achoo and then you say God bless you.

  • So how did that start ? This is what this video is about. That origin. All right. So

  • let's look at the note first. Now you could tell someone God bless you and you

  • know really mean or hope or wish that God actually blesses someone. Puts a

  • blessing on someone. So it does have that meaning too. But really the one that we're

  • going to focus on today is about the sneezing. So the second very common

  • meaning is what is often said to someone when they sneeze while you know, speaking

  • English. So in speaking English we say God bless you.

  • Usually after someone sneezes. All right. Let's continue. Many other languages

  • often may say something. Some similar responses about God. Maybe something

  • about God or wishing someone good health is a very very common one. Or long life,

  • etc. After people sneeze. So there's a lot of ideas about this. All right. Let's

  • continue. Here are some common examples like salute in Italian.

  • Gesundheit in German. That's a funny one. Sometimes people in English say it's

  • just very funny sounding and you know we kind of like it. It's almost a way to

  • laugh. Achoo , gesundheit. Okay. Which also means health too . . Salud or

  • dio te bendiga I think is Spanish and then also in the Spanish-speaking world.

  • Some countries not all of them. Spanish-speaking world may actually like

  • if somebody sneezes three times. They .. some say they may say Jesus which is

  • Jesus after the first sneeze. Maria after the second sneeze. Because

  • that's you know, Jesus , his mother's name was Mary and the way to say that in

  • Spanish is Maria. For the second sneeze and Jose for the third sneeze. So

  • basically they are saying Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. You know, if you sneeze three times in a

  • row. Okay let's continue. Some people think the origin of the saying God bless

  • you after a sneeze may have started in one of the earlier outbreaks of , during

  • the 6th century. Some of the symptoms of the beginning of the bubonic plague. Now

  • this is not the famous one I think like you know, later on.

  • I don't know around the 12th or 13th century that knocked off half od Europe.

  • This was still another big one , but this was a lot earlier. This was during the

  • sixth century. So one of the signs of course was a coughing and sneezing. And

  • at that time, Pope Gregory the first was the Pope and many say Pope Gregory the

  • first suggested people start to say basically God bless you. Yeah. When people

  • sneeze as a way to protect them from the disease or death. So some people say that

  • he actually coined the term. I don't know 100% if that's correct , but some people

  • do claim it Pope Gregory the first is the one that said that... told people to

  • start saying that. All right. Let's continue. In earlier times , maybe even before this.

  • Some cultures believed evil spirits may be released from the body during a sneeze

  • and people would say God bless you as a way of preventing it. So this is another

  • idea about it. Or there is a third one. And I had heard this one before.

  • There is another theory that this custom started due to a rumor and former belief

  • that a person's heart temporarily stopped before a sneeze. And saying God

  • bless you was a way of wishing them health. I think it might skip a beat but

  • it doesn't really stop. But anyway but people believe that. So that was another

  • reason that maybe the reason why we say God bless you. And then just very

  • commonly. I'll just give you the one example. This would be typical . Remember,

  • this is how we spell the sound for a sneeze in English. You know. So we say

  • A-C--HOO. So we actually spell it ACHOO Oh. That's how we ... if you wanted to spell

  • out of sneeze. It's usually spelled out as achoo and of course then somebody

  • would say : God bless you. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I hope it was

  • informative. Thank you for your time. Bye- bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 91. All right. The word


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