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Space and luxury go hand in hand.
Indeed, the first three letters of space spell "spa".
Some would say that's a linguistic coincidence.
But Herman Judd believes it's corporate kismet.
Which is why Herman Judd put a spa hotel in space.
Welcome to Avenue 5. Let the ship be your oyster.
Except a grotesquely enormous oyster
that you can take a vacation inside.
Slippery critter.
I once slammed 35 of these things
and I started to hallucinate.
And, uh, I looked down and I had my grandma's body.
And I could feel all the pain from her difficult life.
Available now in the Rings of Salmon Seafood bar on Deck 6.
Some passengers may be allergic to synthetic food.
Synthetic antihistamine is available.
Some passengers may be allergic to synthetic antihistamine
at which point, you are on your own.
Shopping in space? What's not to love.
All the fun of shopping plus space.
Buy a gift and look at a moon.
Name me a more perfect day.
I'll wait.
So, you're on vacation, you get a call from work.
Why not rent out our business center?
Or you can take the call in front of your kids
and show them that space vacations don't pay for themselves.
With virtual reality,
you can explore the far regions of the galaxy
without ever exercising your atrophying limbs.
So have some fun
and let your body turn into a lukewarm pudding.
Kill it. Kill it now.
Oh, God! Why does it have talons?
We have every single amenity you would find on a cruise ship
but in space.
Sunbathing. Uh, rock climbing.
We have an open-air observation deck
where you can find out what the void tastes like.
I'm just kidding. You would asphyxiate in a microsecond.
We also have air conditioning in every room.
Every inch of the ship is designed for fun.
You can even take a tour of the bridge,
just don't touch anything.
So, gather up your loved ones.
Or say screw 'em and leave 'em home.
I'm Matt Spencer, Head of Passenger Services.
And I want you on Avenue 5.
Terms and conditions apply.
Space travel may not be suitable for expectant mothers.
Those 85 or over or those experiencing
any of the following medical conditions:
schizophrenia, dog flu, suicidal ideation, gun brain,
low blood pressure, high blood pressure,
and big fat ankles.
Please consult your doctor before flying with Judd Galaxy
on Avenue 5!


Welcome to Avenue 5: Explore the Ship | HBO

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