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- [Female] And when you're ready, close your eyes.
- It is 2020 and this is the first New Year's Day
where I haven't been hungover.
I don't know why I'm getting all emotional
but like I'm really proud of myself for not going out.
It feels really, really refreshing
to wake up so clear on New Year's Day.
I feel like in the past years,
I felt this pressure to go out on New Year's Eve
and I'm really happy that this year
I just spent it with Ben.
I went to bed at like nine o'clock.
This really feels like a good restart,
especially because I got back from England not too long ago.
Off the bat for 2019,
it was not my favorite year.
I would like to have a dry January,
like not even a glass of wine.
That thought like really weirds me out
because I use alcohol a lot as like a,
I don't know like a social crutch
and a social lubricant.
Let's see if I eliminate it,
if something happens.
Today is January 1st.
I will get into my resolutions for 2020 a little bit
after I've had some time to reflect
because right now I actually have to go.
We're doing the usual tradition
of us going to my grandparents house.
We're gonna have the whole New Year's Day celebration
with dduk guk and games
and I have to rally up a bunch of stuff
to bring as prizes for bingo especially.
(gentle music)
(chill music)
(speaking in foreign language)
Thank you.
Oh my God.
(mellow music)
All right guys, this is the finished face.
I wanted to go for something a little big glam but preppy.
Okay so underneath I'm wearing
this sheer button-down from Unif.
I've had this for so many years
and I just love it to layer underneath things
because it's so slinky and it feels good on the ski.
And my sweater is from Eggie.
It's called the Guysie
and this is made in a sustainable fabric
and I am wearing extra small.
And for my pants I'm wearing my just black denim
and honestly it's hard for me to get out of these jeans
because they're so comfortable
and they just like fit me really nicely.
And then for my earrings,
I'm wearing these ones by Seryn Project.
My friend Ashley made these earrings.
So I just want to support and they're so cute.
♪ Why does it hurt so bad ♪
♪ So bad ♪
♪ To lose something I never had ♪
♪ Never had ♪
♪ Are you a memory or lucid dream ♪
♪ Pinch me ♪
♪ Will you come back ♪
♪ Will you come back ♪
- It is Friday night, 9:44 p.m.
Usually I'd be out and about hanging out with friends,
drinking, maybe bar hopping, maybe dancing.
It's kind of crazy.
It's only January 3rd
and every day I have been tempted
with the possibility of having a drink.
It's like something I didn't really notice
how prevalent it is in my life.
In December, I actually started to get
all these random ads on YouTube
about this master class concept.
It was so much Gordon Ramsay with his knife going
and him just basically showing you how to cook.
And then I clicked on it
and then I ended up buying a whole year.
It's such a cool website
where there's just a bunch of classes that you can take
where the instructors are just people that you know.
Natalie Portman has one about acting,
Gordon Ramsay has one about cooking,
there's like Steph Curry has one
it's probably about basketball
and tonight I'm doing my first lesson.
It is with Sarah Blakely
who is the founder of Spanx.
It is a very popular undergarment.
I've seen her on Shark Tank a couple of times
and I also listened to her episode
on How I Built This with her
and her class is about self made entrepreneurship.
I didn't go to business school
and I am figuring out everything along the way
just like a lot of people are.
I don't know, I just thought any type of advice
or mentorship I can have,
even if it's digital can help me.
I'm on the second course right now
which is Developing Your Big Idea
but I'm feeling like fired up
and this is really exciting
so this is what I'm doing,
my sober night in.
- To mostly be able to show the value
and use it as a marketing tool.
Then, you have a decision on if you want to defend it
if people start knocking you off.
- Good morning.
It is Saturday,
oh hey James.
I'm working out with my brother today
and I'm also giving his Christmas gift.
Killing two birds with one stone.
Wow, those are huge gifts.
Those look so ridiculous.
- I like this gift exchange
in the middle of the street. - Mine looks so pathetic.
This is me and Ben's combined.
I guess we're doing gift exchange first.
It's a DNA test
- That's awesome.
- So we can figure out what we are
'cause you have both the chromosomes, James.
You can find out all the lineage of the Im family.
- Thank you.
Wow, this is sick.
- It's from Stone Island.
Look, it has the--
- Wow, this is awesome.
- It's so heavy.
- You're gonna like what you see.
- Oh my God.
Is this your rice cooker?
- No, this is a little better.
- Really?
- It's a little more advanced.
- What?
It's fine. - It's just a rice cooker.
Oh sorry.
It's really nice. - Oh, I love it.
Dude, I think this is the one that Oma has.
- It might be
but it's super nice dude.
- Oh my God, it looks so nice.
All right, now it is time to work out.
(gentle music)
♪ They say you don't gotta go home ♪
♪ But you can't stay here ♪
♪ And no I don't want to be alone in the world out there ♪
♪ I try this, try that, tried everything ♪
♪ Coming right back, right back, don't you wait for me ♪
♪ I need you to stay right there ♪
♪ I'm coming right away, my dear ♪
(gentle music)
- I'm really drenched in sweat.
The rice cooker is installed,
AKA I just took it out of the box.
I'm gonna try to make rice with it.
The other rice cooker has been officially retired.
Honestly, I do not recommend that rice cooker at all.
It's still like pretty pricey
but it just made the rice really dry
and you could never like leave it in the device to stay warm
because then it would just get even drier.
So that's not a way to live.
This has been a very generous present from James.
Use another container to wash the rice.
I'm gonna wash the rice in this.
In this pot, I have put two cups of brown rice.
I have thoroughly washed it
but I washed it in this container,
like I don't understand why I'm not allowed
to wash the rice in the rice container
and I'm too lazy to look up why I can't do that
so if you guys know the answer to that,
please write it in the comments.
Here we go, okay.
I guess that's it.
I will let you guys know how the rice comes out.
Oh, this looks good.
Let's have a bite.
This looks already miles better
than the other rice cooker.
Oh my God.
We've been wanting to incorporate more art
back into the walls.
I mean they are bare.
We just need that extra spark.
I love this poster of Ben's dad's band.
The band was called Trampoline.
So cool.
Look at their freaking outfits, man.
The platforms, amazing.
We're also gonna frame this Flying Lotus and Friends poster.
I got this 10 years ago when I was at,
I was at Low End Theory
and I saw this poster
and I was like, oh my gosh,
it would've been so cool to see Flying Lotus.
Now it's just like a relic.
We're framing this Sarah Boba print.
I'm gonna put this in my room.
- [Ben] I'm so scared of
- Denting it, yeah.
(mellow music)
Wow, these plates are out of control.
- [Ben] These plates are so good, they're almost bowls.
- Oh, these bowls are out of control.
- [Ben] These bowls are
- [Both] Out of control.
- Hawkins, New York is one of those stores
when you walk in,
you just immediately want everything.
We're easing into it.
We've got four of these gorgeous bowls.
- [Ben] Gorgeous.
- Gorgeous.
I like how the rim is slightly uneven.
It's like kind of got these ridges.
Look at these plates.
Oh my God.
It's so thin
and then I always like to eat from a smaller plate
so I got a small one for myself.
- Let's see how it looks on the table, you know?
Oh you wanted a, you got the pasta dish
so that's a bowl there for you.
Anything else you need?
Okay great, thank you.
- All right, bon apetit.
Mmm, mmm.
- The veggie burger's great.
- It is, isn't it?
It's like made to be paired together.
- It really is.
- For breakfast I'm having the last of my veggie
and chicken fried rice.
God damn.
(mellow music)
Good morning, it is Tuesday
and I'm actually taking a break.
I'm doing a pause from my usual routine
because today I am going to therapy.
This is my first session of 2020
and I'm so excited to go
because if I don't go to therapy for a couple of weeks,
I feel like there's a lot of like buildup,
if you know what I mean?
It's just like just verbal baggage.
It's like a lot of the stuff that I suppress down because
some things you just can't say out loud.
Yes, you can journal it,
yes, you can film yourself doing it to release it
but when there's a professional
listening to all of your doubts, all of your fears,
all of your petty commentary,
'cause you know we all think
some weird sketch shit sometimes
so it's nice to just have a professional
just listen and then process it
and then you just feel like free.
We have a lot of verbal terrain to cover today
so I'm excited.
All right, let's go.
(mellow music)
I started like 10 years ago.
So it's been like a decade.
- I'm sorry?
I didn't do it thinking like I'm gonna make money off this.
I just did it 'cause I was in community college
living at my parents house
and I liked to make little videos
and it's something I just enjoy doing,
just get a little tripod,
a little man Frodo
and just create a story.
Yeah, so I'm just getting gas,
that's my story right now.
- You too, take care.
Ben just made,
what would you call this, a phyllo pastry?
- [Ben] Yeah, it's like a pesto phyllo pastry tart
with pine nuts, onions, tomatoes, bit of garlic, mozzarella.
First time using phyllo pastry.
- It's like a flatbread.
- [Ben] It is like a flatbread.
Should we cut it in half?
- Yeah.
Phyllo pastry for lunch.
So this jar over here
is the ingredients for (speaking in foreign language)
which is kind of like a barley corn tea
which is amazing for your digestion
and it's something that I've always drank growing up.
My aunt was so lovely enough to give me a bag
and so I put it inside this lovely container
and now I am just brewing it.
I think it's almost ready
so I'm gonna turn off the heat.
Now I'm just gonna scoop out
all the little granules so that way when I drink,
it's just smooth (speaking in foreign language).
It's just like a very hearty tea
and I like that I can drink it in volumes
because there's no caffeine in it.
It's just very relaxing.
And now I'm just pouring it into this thermos
to keep it nice and hot.
You know when you go to Korean restaurants,
they'll give you like a tea?
It's usually this.
And it's great hot, chilled, lukewarm,
whatever temperature, it's ready to drink.
Hey Cheeky.
Yes, can I help you?
I'm having a very relaxing morning
and I feel like it's time
to talk about the resolutions I've had.
These were my resolutions last year.
I want to call my mom more.
Did I call my mom more?
I think it was the same frequency.
She came over quite a bit.
Like we saw each other at least like once a month
but I didn't call her as often as I would've wanted to.
Cook in more at home.
I did cook in more often,
which I'm happy about.
I would say I can check that off the list.
My third resolution is to do more collaborations
on my channel.
That one I don't feel guilty about not doing
because I just,
I mean collaboration should be natural.
My resolutions this year,
I'm gonna do another three.
First resolution this year is to journal more.
Every time I've journaled,
I feel like I've been able to improve
because I start to see patterns,
I start to remember things that I have done in the past
and that really helps me for my future self,
especially when I'm feeling down.
It shows me how far I've come as well.
I can look back and be like wow,
like this time last year,
I was really, really upset about X, Y and Z
but now I can look at it being like
well, I overcame that.
I want to journal more
because it helps me retain more information.
Not only do I want to journal about my feelings
and what has happened,
I also want to journal about what I've learned
'cause a lot of the books I've read,
a lot of the media that I'm consuming,
I read it once, I listen to it once, I watch it once
and then I'm like okay cool
but it's not like sinking in.
And when I write down what I have consumed,
it helps me retain it better.
I feel like I learn best through repetition.
I've never been that student where like
you tell me once and I know it.
You got to ram it into my head.
I have to ram it into my head.
I want to write more often
so that way I remember these things.
My second resolution
is to take my time.
And I don't mean that in a sense of like
oh, I'm just gonna leisurely do everything
and like procrastinate.
It means like when I'm doing something, I'm not rushing.
I've always prided myself of like being efficient
and getting things done as fast as possible.
I can really count on myself to get things done.
That's something that I'm proud of.
However, a lot of the times I'm noticing
that when I'm getting stuff done,
I almost do it in a frenzy
where I'm like, ugh, I feel so anxious
that I have to get it done
that I just get it done as fast as possible
so I can stop feeling anxious.
I want to be able to take my time
so I can enjoy the process of it.
Rather than just like checking it off the list,
I want to enjoy the journey of doing a task.
I just want to do things more mindfully
and with intention.
It's okay for projects to take some time
because great things need to be brewed,
like a fine wine.
I feel like that's a bad example
'cause I'm doing dry January,
like a fermented cabbage,
it'll turn into like a delicious slice of kimchi.
And my last resolution
is to really hone in on my confidence.
Although I'm the most confident I've ever been,
I still have so much doubt in my head
and it's something that I really want to work on.
I want to do more activities that make me feel confident
and although those activities
make me feel nervous at the same time,
I want to keep pressing myself
to be in the discomfort
because if you're not uncomfortable,
then you're not growing.
Once you have these new experiences under your belt,
it gives you that confidence that you can do it.
Now it is your turn to tell me your resolutions
in the comments down below.
I would love to know what you want to work on,
what you want to improve on.
I just want to see your guys' head space
because yeah 2019 was an egh year,
like I'm glad it happened
but I would prefer not to repeat that year.
Wow, I just finished filming and it feels great.
I just used all these products.
These are probably gonna be very familiar to you
if you have seen my 2019 best of beauty.
So this is the finished look
and I'm very, very pleased with myself.
I'm gonna do a rough edit of this
and then I'm gonna edit another video
that I'm currently working on
and then tonight I have another guided meditation class.
I'm very excited for that
because the theme of this session is gonna be mindfulness
which is something we were just talking about today.
It feels good when you are doing things
that are working towards your goal.
But today I also want to do
like a deep cleaning of the bathroom
and also wash Cheeky.
And it's important for me to clean in the daytime
because for some reason
I really, really don't like cleaning at night.
I think it's because like
you don't get the satisfaction
of the aftermath of when you clean.
Because in the daytime, after you clean,
everything just looks extra shiny, extra clean.
(mellow piano music)
Whenever I clean,
obviously got to put the gloves on,
sanitation reasons.
(mellow piano music)
So the bathroom is now clean.
You know, one thing I'm noticing is
how many things there are here.
It would be nice to eventually
like get a medicine cabinet here
'cause look how like empty it is here.
Like this could be a good place for storage.
Bath time,
oh she gets all excited,
it's your bath time.
Are you excited for your bath?
Okay, I'll get the water running.
(mellow music)
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
(mellow music)


2020 Ready | My Resolutions | January Vlog

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