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  • Women used to be hard to shop for, up until I made this video.

  • What's up boys? It's Jose Zuniga from Teaching Men's Fashion. And for today, I did a lot of research

  • I went in to make sure you get that special girl a gift

  • She's gonna absolutely love. Because like anybody else receive me an amazing thoughtful gift that you actually

  • Wanted, increases your appreciation for the person that gave it to you.

  • I want you to be that person

  • And that applies to any girl in your life, your girlfriend, the girl you like, your sister, your friend, your mom, doesn't matter who it

  • is. Today we're gonna make sure you get them the best gift possible.

  • Let's hop into it. Number one, a watch. And no, no, no, this is not a sponsored video,

  • I promised. But just like we like watches almost every woman wears

  • or would like to wear a nice watch, and with women the

  • options are endless. The great thing is that most women aren't watch geeks or watch nerds, like guys are. Ao for them

  • It's really just aesthetic, how good-looking is this watch, so you got your Michael Kors, your Marc

  • Jacobs, Kate Spade, your Tory Burch. Also a lot of the brands that I talk about on this channel,

  • they also make lines for women, Vincero,The First, Bradford Watch Co, Movement watches, Daniel Wellington.

  • All these lines not only have male watches, but they also have female watches.

  • So not only could you use the discount code and get it even more affordable you could be twinning. Number two a

  • Makeup kit. Now if you're like me you probably know zero about makeup,

  • But this is something women love. Like you get a girl the right makeup kit, she's gonna absolutely

  • Love you for it.

  • And while I can't help you too much, but I can't tell you by them anything from either

  • Urban Decay or Kylie Jenner collection. Don't ask me why, but I hear my girl talking to her friends about it all the time, and

  • It sounds like a popular brand almost all girls are crazy for right now.

  • So get them anything from these stores and trust me you're gonna be A1 with them. Plus little bonus, she's gonna

  • Actually think you were listening all along, and you were to me.

  • You're welcome.

  • Alright, so for the next two I actually caught my girl over at Vanity Planet and asked her to give us the hook up.

  • Give us guys a little bit of help here. Because I was thinking about it the other day, man women love

  • Skincare, they love taking care of their skin. It's not like us guys we do it you know for the end-goal.

  • They don't just do it for the end-goal they find pleasure

  • And a skin routine. So Vanity Planet made it super easy for all of us guys and created the skin for the win

  • kit. What this kid includes? It's a complete skin regimen set, trust me she's gonna

  • Love. It comes with the spin brush, which I've talked about before it's great for guys, and for women forget about it

  • This is like gold to them. It also comes with the cleanser cream and a green tea clay mask and to top it

  • All off it does come with a plush eye cover, kind of for relaxation or those spa days. Now the total kit does

  • retail for around

  • 190 bucks, but don't worry as you guys know I already got the hookup.

  • I got them to bring down this kit just for you guys for the holidays for around 60 bucks!

  • So if you use the special code and link down below you can get this whole kit for 60 bucks ,which is perfect for any

  • Special girl in your life as a matter if its your mom, your sister, your girlfriend, whoever it is

  • They're gonna love this.

  • But if you want something different if you know your girlfriend's like a

  • makeup junkie then this second one, this one's amazing,

  • This one's called A Glam Box. Like I said if you know they love makeup and they're into all that stuff,

  • This is the kit you're gonna want to get her. It also comes with the spin brush kit the same one that I just talked

  • About which is great for prepping the face before they start applying makeup,

  • But it also comes with the whole brush,

  • Makeup brush set and a little sponge that apparently women love, just as they can get their makeup on right. Now if you've ever

  • Awkwardly been dragged into Sephora or Ulta by your girlfriend, you've seen how crazy

  • Expensive these brush kits are, and this was no different this one retails for around 250 bucks.

  • But like I said, since you guys already know. I have the hook-up,

  • I wouldn't leave my boys hanging out dry having to pay crazy amounts like this.

  • I got Vanity Planet to also heavily discount this box for you guys.

  • And you can get this one for around like 70 bucks, again

  • There's a special link down below.

  • So it doesn't matter who's that special girl in your life that you really want to impress give her something that she's gonna love,

  • She'll be happy, she'll be thankful for, these kits are for you. The fifth thing you can get your girl is a Polaroid camera.

  • Women love taking pictures, at least every woman I've met, has like a selfie problem. So get her a Polaroid camera.

  • You can get it for like 50 bucks on Amazon, and she's gonna

  • Love you for it, because now she can take trendy pictures that are gonna get her more likes

  • Because of you, that's priceless. And finally number six for my traditional men you can get her a box of chocolates and some flowers.

  • It's never wrong to go old-school or classic. A box of chocolate and flowers

  • It's perfect for any type of woman. If you're just starting to date a certain girl.

  • And you don't know what to get her if you think it's gonna be too awkward whatever it is,

  • box of chocolate and flowers always works.

  • And that's basically it guys,

  • Those are six different gift ideas you can get that special girl in your life, that you can be rest assured

  • She's gonna love you for it. If you guys liked this video and found it informative,

  • Don't forget to drop us a like down below. Also don't forget to check out any of those special kits linked down below.

  • That's it for me today. See you next time!

Women used to be hard to shop for, up until I made this video.


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