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I love nothing more than a good back to the future reference,
especially if it fits in Biff Tannen. "Hey your shoes untied! (Slap)"
Cory Booker is Biff Tannen in this video,
he literally picks up Andrew Yang,
throws him into the air like some high school nerd and it's video.
We're going to watch it and I'm gonna show you how it's really a play on
dominance and authority over yang.
There's only one possible thing that yang could have done to prevent this from
happening. I'm going to tell you what that is.
So let's watch this clip and in your mind as you watch it, I want you to think,
what would I do in that position? What would I do to stop him from doing that?
And then I'll pop back on and tell you exactly what he could've done to prevent
this from happening.
It was the yang gang itself and then it just caught on and I just want to give
him a hug if I can. Oh, he's being tiny.
Incredible Booker does to bull. Moose virtually interrupts the interview,
which is always seen as being a little bit rude.
But not only is he physical with yang, he picks the dude up.
Tell me that doesn't look like some high school jock bully,
like the offensive tackle who's six, six and six grade going down the hall,
picking up the nerd who wins the math contest all the time.
It's unbelievable.
But it's tough because he put it off as he was being friendly.
Oh I just want to give this little guy a hug and then picks him up three feet
off the ground. Right.
So Booker wrapped that aggressive move in a very non aggressive joking way,
which is the only reason.
It wasn't something that was seen all the way across the country.
And the reason I have to keep this clip short is this is taken from the Ellen
show. And so if I play more than like five seconds,
it gets flagged and I can't show this. So what could have he done though?
That's a tough thing. What would have you, what would you do?
What would you do with some dude who was a foot taller than you came over and
said, Oh, I'm going to give this guy a hug.
You knew it was going to make you look bad. What could you possibly do?
What could have yang done?
While I'll tell you exactly what he could do and there's really only one thing
that he could do. I can't think of anything else.
Yang wanted to play along and he thought it would be worth it.
He probably didn't think he was going to pick him up.
He probably thought he's going to give him a hug and they would look a little
bit bad,
but what he could have done is could have taken a step back,
put his hand out and said, Hey,
how about we settle for just a handshake? And what that does is first of all,
at that point in this kind of a forum,
he's probably going to back off and just give him a handshake. Right?
He's that would be very aggressive.
He would come over top and like crushed him from there.
But let's say it wasn't such a sophisticated forum.
On a big television show and it was something where somebody may try to override
that handshake barrier will, you can be a bit stiff with your hands.
So imagine you could watch me do it right here.
You put your hand out for a handshake and let's say he continues to try to come
in to get closer to give a hug.
Well you've got that hand out there almost like a guard in boxing to just kind
of keep him off a won't look. It won't look aggressive or confrontational.
You're just keeping that distance cause he can't pick you up or put his hands on
When you've got that two and a half feet from your arms between the two of you
and it doesn't look aggressive,
it looks like you're just trying to give him a handshake.
So you use that left hand maybe to put on the stomach and then your hand is
still out looking like you're being jovial too and cordial. Giving a handshake.
Now if when people try to bully you or make fun of you,
if you don't feel like you can come up with a quick comeback,
if you feel like people are able to talk down to you and just kind of stand
there, can't think of anything to say and you look like a dope,
I would encourage you to get that sorted. It's not are,
do most people think it's some sort of width that you're either born with or
you're not? It's not.
There's a system that you can apply when someone makes fun of you to always and
easily have a quick comeback to say to put the other person in their place so
they never want to mess it again. So you're not thought of as an easy target.
I've got another YouTube video. You can touch her.
Click right here and I'll walk you through how to come up with a quick comeback
whenever you need to. Right there. I'll talk to you there now.


How to Stop Anyone From an UNWANTED HUG | Cory Booker vs Andrew Yang

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