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Hello everyone, welcome back a Flat Earth channel where you can access the latest news.
Hi everybody, my name is Samantha. I am a 28 year old stay-at-home mom of three and this is my yang story. I
First heard about Andrew sometime back in January when Michael C became interested in him
And now like most people when I heard about Andrew the freedom dividend, I not only thought andrew was crazy
But I thought the freedom dividend was impossible
Come to file I was wrong the freedom dividend isn't impossible and who has done the math
But I still wasn't really convinced. It wasn't and I heard Andrew
Express his super stay-at-home moms that I became completely 100% Yang
To hear a presidential parents say that what I do is important. This is what I do
It is a job, I I am working from the moment
I wake up until the moment I go to sleep and I do this for my family
I wear to go to work. We would lose more in daycare after school program expenses than we actually do by using an entire income
So, yeah if Andrew supports me then I work
I am Kathy from Kentucky. I'm 47 away
Mother my grandmother and I support Andrea. I
Voted for Donald Trump in 2016 quite honestly, you know I lived in this political bubble most of my life
I always voted or supported within the line of the board
I thought was comfortable and I mean, he's a Republican so he had to be the right choice
I was wrong, you know, our country is so divided now and so much good work has been undone
I started searching for someone who you know generally cared about all
Americans who wanted to include everyone and to unite us and maybe bring us back a little hope
Someone who simply cared about humanity. I looked at a few candidates but really started to just you know get courage
Then I found Andrew. Yang first thing that caught my attention was his humanity first campaign
Then I found that he had tons of policies on his platform that really spoke to me
But one of those in particular was the freedom dividend and before you start thinking, oh, she just wants a handout
You know, my husband's a full truck driver. I worked nearly 25 years as a nurse and now I'm a stay-at-home mom
So what I'd really like, you know
I'm looking for someone who cares about the work that I and so many other people do in our homes for our families
The freedom dividend, you know, it gives actual back to that word
It is not meant to be a living wage
But it's a huge tribute to those of us who aren't compensated for our time it like takes away this
Weight and guilt that I think some of us feel because you know, we aren't Davidian financially, of course
Then I started to realize what the freedom dividend would be into so many Americans in so many different ways
I mean imagine a happier America wouldn't that be amazing, you know all together his platform just made sense to me
But there was a huge problem to keep the Democrat. I am not supposed to vote for a Democrat, right?
So, you know, but the more I learned about him and policies the more engaged
I became in fact, I recently changed my political party just so I could vote for him in my state's primary election
You know sooner you're a Republican a Democrat independent or ecologically disengaged. I challenge you get out of your bubble
Get out of your comfort zone be willing to get really uncomfortable
But that's where real change happens. This is our chance
We cannot risk using the wrong person again
You know your family my family and really all of America deserve better and I believe inter-gang is for better
And this is part of why he has my vote. I hope you'll join me. Thanks
He was speaking to my problems and that's why
As a single mom a college graduate I work in retail and the fact that
someone came early to say something that
Spoke to me that spoke to my
problems that spoke to like
I'm not the only one going through this kind of stuff it really like it really like resonated everything
he was speaking to my motherfucking problems bitch and I
Appreciated it, and he was real and he wasn't a politician and he was about that life and we ranking
All right
so I'm going to come out of my comfort zone and
Just record this because I I truly believe that Andrew Yang is our only hope
I introduced to Andrew. Yang through my daughter
At first I ignored it. I was just like, you know, why? Why should I even bother?
this world is corrupted and
everybody in
Our government is only in it for them and their money and so I started watching YouTube and I saw some
Great and mean great interviews with and regained the Joe Rogan
Interview was amazing. I even thought that the one that he did with ben shapiro
was pretty damn good
I mean, I don't even like ben shapiro but to see him actually having a decent conversation going back and forth with ben shapiro
Just was amazing to me
I am that one person that he's always talking about I am that 40 year old
single mother of three who works in a retail job and
I also have a tech job though. I know when he says
automation is real I
Live it. I see it. I deal with it every day. So I know he's telling us the truth
believe in his policies
Like policy that comes with the freedom dividend it's a game changer
A thousand dollars might not a lot a lot of people but to me and my family
My life
It just
It is good to see that a person is out there fighting for me I have not had that and
to see that
He cares he actually cares and he gives a shit about
me and my family a lot of families are struggling and
to see that he he wants to to better us is amazing and
That is why believe in and regain
Go out and vote
Hey guys
Just arrived at the debate watch party were having in Cincinnati before I went in I wanted to tell you guys my yang story
And what kind of drew me to Andrew in the first place?
So I'll shorten it but I'm 23 now when I was a sophomore in college
I got a call in the middle of the night for my family five hours away
That my dad who was only in his mid 40s
Had a stroke and he was in the hospital and they weren't sure if he was gonna make it
Thankfully he did but currently since then he's physically disabled. He can't he can't work. He no longer can work
he was like the main breadwinner for her household with with my mom and I have two younger siblings and
That totally took him out of the work force. So since then my mom has kind of take on the
Task and the priority of helping him with his day-to-day tasks. I mean eating
Bathing literally everything I mean she was like a superhero. She does at all
And as I'm sure you guys know if you're following the campaign
Her work in GDP is valued at zero and you know that I just think it's total BS
She's one of the hardest-working people
I know I think the work she's doing is just exponentially important in a world where
somebody like my mom who is
Busting her butt to try to help her family and just help them get through day to day
And help them do whatever and her workers battery to zero. That's not a world that I'm happy living
So I'm happy that Andrew is actually giving people like my mom and people like my dad a take owner and a real value in
Not only real-life but actually in do to meet in the economy
And I just hope that this trend continues and people could start to get the recognition they deserve so
Anyways, that was kind of longer than I wanted it to be but enjoy the debate guys. Hopefully he kills it
Let's get some intelligence in the White House in 2020 Gang Gang
My name is Mike singleton. I'm a software engineer from Boston, Massachusetts. And this is my story. Oh
I'm on YouTube. One day. I come across this video title the problem or ecology in this video game console
Than college such as vocational education because college is not for everyone the majority of Americans don't graduate
Doesn't agree
of those at do
And am unemployed
When I heard him talk about these things
They made a lot of sense to me and I wanted to hear more about what to say
So I ended up watching the entire two hour-long podcast
in that I learned about freedom to pretend and
Automation and
That was really exciting to me because you bi and automation were
Ideas that I thought about here there for several years
I never heard a politician
Presidential candidate nonetheless talking about these things
It really
made me feel like he was in touch with where we are as a society right now and I
Just had to learn as much as I could about his proposals to see if they were
Viable and the more that I learned the more that I think it's really sellable and I want to do whatever I can
So beyond just the content of
The reason Andrew Haynes proposals are so good is because
Andrew gang puts a lot of thought into everything that he does
He's clearly a very smart dude. He works really well with people
He knows how to put together a team. And those are all qualities that I think would be
Amazing to see in a president and that's why I support Andrew people listening
See you in the next video, please subscribe our channel. Bye. Bye


#MyYangstory " Andrew Yang supports stay-at-home mom, then I support Yang"

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