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-My good friend Joe, and he is a good friend.
-[scoff]. -He's received contributions
from 44 billionaires.
Pete, on the other hand, is trailing, Pete.
You only got 39 billionaires contributing.
So, Pete, we look forward to you,
I know you're an energetic guy and a competitive guy,
to see if you can take on Joe on that issue.
-The fact is this unemployment rate and GDP
have very little relationship
with people's lived experience on the ground.
-Middle class is getting crushed and the working class
has no way up, as a consequence of that.
-How do you answer top economists who say taxes
of this magnitude would stifle growth and investment?
-Oh! They're just wrong!
But think about the economic impact of that.
You leave two cents with the billionaires,
they're not eating more pizzas.
They're not buying more cars.
-The issue is where power resides in America.
And it's not white or Black or male or female.
We are living in a nation
increasingly becoming an oligarchy.
-And making sure that we're able to cover everyone who is,
in fact, able to be covered.
Put your hand down for a second, Bernie, okay?
-Just waving to you, Joe. -I know; I know.
-Saying hello.
-I know. -The average worker in America,
their family makes $60,000 a year.
That family is now paying $12,000 a year
for healthcare, 20% of the income!
-And I think that we should build
on the Affordable Care Act. -Thank you, Senator Klobuchar.
Senator Warren, we would like to bring you in.
-She took my name in vain! -Ohhhhh!
-She hurt my feelings!
-I would never do that to you. -I am crushed.
Can I respond? -Bernie, never, never, never.
-People who can put down $5,000
to have a picture taken don't have the same priorities.
We can't have. -Thank you, Senator Warren.
-We can't have people who can put down $5,000
for a check drown out the voices of everyone else.
-Thank you.
-Can't help but feel that might've been directed at me.
This is our chance. This is our only chance
to defeat Donald Trump and we shouldn't try to do it
with one hand tied behind our back.
-The mayor just recently had a fundraiser that was held
in a wine cave full of crystals and served $900-a-bottle wine.
-I'm literally the only person on this stage
who's not a millionaire or a billionaire.
-I do not sell access to my time.
-So to denounce the same kind of fundraising guidelines
that President Obama went by, that Speaker Pelosi goes by,
that you, yourself, went by until not long ago,
in order to build the Democratic Party
and build a campaign ready for the fight of our lives.
These purity tests
shrink the stakes of the most important election.
-We should have someone heading up this ticket
that has actually won and been able to show
that they can gather the support that you talk about,
of moderate Republicans and independents,
as well as a fired-up Democratic base.
-Maybe what goes on in my city seems small to you.
You wanna talk about the capacity to win?
Try putting together a coalition to bring you back to office
with 80% of the vote
as a gay dude in Mike Pence's Indiana.
-Senator Warren, you would be
the oldest president ever inaugurated.
I'd like you to weigh in, as well.
-I'd also be the youngest woman ever inaugurated.
-It's both an honor and disappointment
to be the lone candidate of color on the stage tonight.
I miss Kamala.
I miss Cory, though I think Cory will be back [snaps fingers].
-And if anyone has reason to be angry with the Republicans
and not wanna cooperate, it's me,
the way they've attacked me, my son, and my family.
I have no [applause] love.


2020 Democratic debate: Smaller stage, bigger clashes

王惟惟 2020 年 1 月 13 日 に公開
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