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- Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate
hosted by CNN and The New York Times
ended with a question that drew backlash
from Democratic candidates and viewers alike.
(woosh) (Hip Hop music)
After a rousing debate
(woosh) about policy and passion
moderator Anderson Cooper asked his final question,
which was about
Ellen DeGeneres' unlikely friendship
with former president George W. Bush
that recently ignited a social media firestorm
given his administration's opposition
to same-sex marriages and LGBTQ rights,
among other issues.
"Last week Ellen Degeneres was criticized
"after she and former "President George W. Bush
"were seen laughing together "at a football game.
"Ellen defended their friendship,
"saying, 'We're all different and I think that we've
forgotten that that's OK that we're all different'".
Cooper continued, "So in that spirit, we'd like
"you to tell us about a friendship
"that you've had "that would surprise us
"and what impacts it's had on you and your beliefs.'"
Two candidates, Senator Amy Klobuchar
and former Vice President Joe Biden
named the late republican Senator John McCain,
while others also mentioned GOP colleagues.
But later, several of the democratic candidates
shared their disappointment in Cooper's question
via social media.
Julian Castro tweeted:
"Three hours and no questions tonight
"about climate, housing, or immigration.
"Climate change is an existential threat,
"America has a housing crisis.
"Children are still in cages at our border.
"But you know, Ellen.
Kamala Harris seemed to agree tweeting:
"Three hours.
"Not one question about the climate crisis.
"Not one question about LGBTQ+ rights.
"Not one question about immigration.
"These issues are too important to ignore.
Viewers including The Daily Show's Trevor Noah
were similarly upset.
"When you're eight hours into the debate
"and Anderson Cooper asks a question about Ellen."
And mocked Cooper in a follow-up post,
"Irreversible climate change is going to doom
"all mankind to a painful heat death
"if we don't act soon.
"So, obviously I've gotta ask:
"Who's your shittiest friend and why?"
Pose co-creator and director Steven Canals wrote:
"did they really just ask an Ellen question?
"I can't.
"I'm out.
To keep up with all the debate updates,
keep it locked to THR.com.
For The Hollywood Reporter News,
I'm Ben Meyers.


People Are Not Happy About That Ellen DeGeneres Question at Democratic Debate | THR News

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