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>> Productivity and work at a particular time frame.
It has to be, who can make us healthier, stronger, mentally healthier,
more artistic, more optimistic, more sound, more whole.
And you know this is true, because all of the opposite is happening to us.
You can see it around us in our young people in particular like where we have
record high levels of anxiety and stress.
And you can see,
people are starting to feel it on really fundamental human levels.
If we do not make this happen in 2020, what happens?
We get four more years of an out of touch government that does not care
of the dysfunction continuing,
of our communities continuing to disintegrate and corrode before our eyes.
I will not let that happen and we will not let that happen.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Donald Trump is our president today,
because he got at least some of the problems right.
He said he was going to make America great again and
what did Hillary Clinton say in response?
America is already great, remember that?
That did not work.
We need to acknowledge the depth and severity and
reality of the problems, but we need real solutions.
What were Donald Trump solutions?
He said he's gonna build a wall.
He's gonna turn the clock back It's going to bring the new jobs back.
We need do the opposite of these things, South Carolina.
We have to turn the clock forward.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> We accelerate our economy and
society as quickly as possible.
We need to evolve and how we think about work and
value and I am the ideal candidate for that job,
because the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes MATH.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> What
does MATH stand for South Carolina?
>> Make America think harder.
>> Make America think harder, that's right.
That is your mission.
That is the mission of this campaign.
We have to wake up America to the real problem.
Let them know it is not immigrants that are causing us to lose our jobs.
It's technology and an evolving economy that is pushing more, and
more of us to the side.
We make Americans think harder.
We solve the real problems.
We start moving the country not left, not right, but forward and
that is what you are going to do.
You're going to lead us forward in the days to come.
Thank you, South Carolina.
Let's make history together.


Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang rallies in Rock Hill

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