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00:00:01,648 --> 00:00:04,810 ALEX: And you guys actually have quite a bit of momentum,
given the general dismissal of this campaign
in the national media.
Yeah, and haven't seen anything yet, Alex.
Because everything we've done--
I'm an entrepreneur and an operator.
We have done everything on the cheap.
But thanks to the Yang Gang, we raised $10 million
last quarter, and you're going to see--
after we have some resources to fund our work,
you're gonna see us outperform the other campaigns
and shock the world.
How does Joe Biden only have $9 million and you're
raising millions of dollars?
What is that math about?
Americans understand that we need
to actually start solving the problems of the 21st century.
You think it's a whole thing of, like,
the no tie, the real talk, like that's what people want?
I mean, I'm not a politician.
And so the fact that people can sense that I'm just like them--
I'm a parent.
Like, I'm not someone who's made a career in politics.
And my interest in making a career in politics
is moderately low.
I'm for term limits I think the fact
that people make a career out of being in DC
is not good for the country.
00:01:01,590 --> 00:01:03,720 ALEX: If a Democratic primary in 2020
is similar to the Republican primary in 2016,
it means that Andrew Yang is Donald Trump
and will be the nominee.
ANDREW: Well, Alex, one poll came out
that said that I was one of the only candidates in the field
that 10% or more of Donald Trump voters
say they would support in the general.
And the number one criteria that Democrats have for the nominee
is beating Donald Trump.
So when Dems realize that they have a candidate who
can peel off hundreds of thousands of Trump voters
and is one of the surest bets to beat him at 2020,
that's when you'll see our poll numbers just climb and climb.
Do you think you're gonna be the Democratic nominee?
Yeah, 100%.
What doubts do you have?
We have all of the pieces in place,
and we've been doing everything on a shoestring
this whole time.
We're about to pour gas on the fire that is the Yang Gang.
00:01:52,420 --> 00:01:54,870 [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC]


Andrew Yang Says He Can Peel Off Trump Voters | BONUS Clip | THE CIRCUS

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