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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,270 I want to talk today about Hooters.
00:00:05,292 --> 00:00:07,750 I know what you're thinking-- oh, that silly Ellen is going
to trick us and show us a cute web video of some owls,
because she said Hooters.
You don't know me.
Today, I'm going to talk about boobies.
Although if you have a cute owl video,
send it to me, because I love owls and I love cute videos.
But here's the headline that I want to talk about, right here.
Hooters Forced To Close Restaurants
Because Millennials Aren't That Into Breasts Anymore.
00:00:32,634 --> 00:00:34,300 For some reason, the millennials are not
into the ta-tas, or the jugs, the knockers, the headlights,
the honk-honks, the Smothers Brothers.
I don't know what they're called these days.
Anyway, this is really bad news for Hooters.
It's terrible news for Dolly Parton.
00:00:50,590 --> 00:00:52,180 According to the article, millennials
are less interested in breasts than older people.
So Hooters announced a plan for closing more stores.
So they're going to put a giant bra around them
and men won't be able to get them open.
Because they can't--
00:01:07,679 --> 00:01:09,220 I did some research, and it turns out
Hooters has been having problems for a while.
I made a chart of their business over the years.
It really was up, down, and then up again.
00:01:24,342 --> 00:01:26,550 I thought if I leaned it would make the joke funnier.
00:01:29,330 --> 00:01:31,090 That's not a real chart.
To be fair, Hooters says they've tried everything.
Except for changing the waitresses' uniforms
and making better food.
But that's what they--
but this is just an idea.
Maybe it is possible the guys could
have their meals without a side of female objectification.
I don't know.
Or maybe-- maybe women have more to offer than short shorts
and jalapeno poppers.


Millennials Don't Like Boobs Anymore?!?

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